Is a small dehumidifier safe in a grow tent?

May sound silly but the manual says needs clearence etc. Dont plug into a power strip with gfci etc. But im sure ive seen pics if people using them in small tents. Is it safe ? It should be ok for fire right ?

H as aanyone used these like this before ?


I used a little desk top humidifier before without issues. I now use 5 layer humidifiers. It really dry here.

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Awesome. Tyvm

I wish we had more time to edit posts for typos!

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I taped the front of the lil dehumidifier but it had a faint faint glow through the body. Ughh. I dont even wanna risk it rn to cause a herm

I have a small òne like youŕs. Inthe Batcave 4x4x7 vivosun tent. It runs with the light cycle. Plugged into powerstrip. TÀKES3 days tò fiĺlÌ pour it baçk into plants

I was hoping to tun it at night to keep the hunidity bekow 50 all night also. Creeps up to 53 and i just got pm started so dont wanna go over 5o again lol

That little dehuey is a waste of money, they just don’t get it done. To me 53 isn’t terrible but try cranking up your inline fan…if you want it right you need to fix the air that the tent is in(lung room) and be exhausting air from the tent outside of that room


I use one to move air in my “dry box” a 10 gal storage bin filled with jars or branches.
After a week or two, I can drain the fluid. (never fills).

Alot of people in moist areas use them. GFI is a safety feature anything saying don’t use safety I look at screwy.