Vivosun Dehumidifier

I am confused, which is usually normal for me. I have ordered the Vivosun small tent dehumidifier and becoming worried over various reviews. I have a small sf1000 2 x 2 tent and ordered this small humidifier and threads on Amazon say it is garbage. I live down the NJ shore and it does get humid here in summer. I have intake and exhaust fans both with filters to flow air through the tent.
Has anyone used this small dehumidifier or did I just wasted my money? I am germinating auto flower girl scout cookies now and soon will be installing in my tent. Will this device help humidity issues? Once it does arrive and I have everything up and running I guess I will see for myself. I also read it expels much heat into the tent. Now I am really worried. As a disabled veteran I cannot afford to toss money away.
Thanks for your input.
Jim M60gunner

I think we got the same 1 and I felt the same way. It does the job on those humid days but yes they do add a lot of heat. My small tent is in my room and if my door to the backyard is open the humidity changes in my tent. I keep my door open most of the day. But if it’s a really humid day or pretty much raining I’ll throw it in there and try to keep my room shut. So my rating is an ehhhh. I probably wouldn’t recommend unless you’re in super cold n wet climate. My condition is mostly dry n hot. On occasion it rains like during winter if we’re lucky so yeah it collects dust right now.

Hi Jim! I cannot speak to exact quality of the vivosun dehumidifier, but i can tell you that you will struggle maintaining rh with any small dehumidifier in a grow tent. You will have to exhaust your tent to expell heat and introduce fresh air to replenish co2 the plants use. If you’re running a dehumidifier in your tent your conditioned air will be included in the exhaust and evacuated out of your tent. This renders small unit inside of tent nearly useless.

If you want to do a good job of maintaining a set relative humidity you will most likely need a large unit capable of hitting setpoint in the room your intake air comes from. It won’t be cheap, but it will be your best chance of being successful.


Thank you for the info dbrn32. I am trying to cancel the order now. I do have exhaust and intake fans ready for when my seeds finally germinate.

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Thank you GrassMan420. I just sent an e-mail trying to cancel my order. I have fans both exhaust and intake with the filters attached. I am just waiting for my seeds to germinate, almost 48 hrs. now for my girl scout cookies autoflowering to germinate. Can’t wait to get them planted and try out my new tent.

Ty for your Service brother. I read a humidifier then dehumidifier. In my travels i have found rh to be a pain in the rear. I personally…just me…have quit worrieng rh. I make sure I have solid light/medium and feed/ventilation. I sit on 35-45% always. I adapt watering. I keep it as simple as possible Sir. I have very good results. The plants come up in it. Adapt to it. Grow great. Hitting perfect numbers is great. Growing good cannabis does not need to be perfect in SOME things. Just my opinion and mine only. This is final on some auto and transitioning tent to photo.

e-mailed Vivosun to cancel dehumidifier. Beautiful photo’s, just waiting for my auto flowering girl scout cookies to germinate, tiny tails finally coming out, maybe by the end of today or tomorrow to put in tent.
Thank you for the info., just hope I have good luck with my first grow. Old injuries to lower spine from being a paratrooper and getting shot down in Nam. Need smoke to help with pain, just can’t wait to try my luck. Have fans and filters for inlet and supply air, hopefully that will take care of everything, also have air conditioning in their room.