Complicated humidity issue

So I’ve been posting questions about humidity as I’ve been dealing with some serious humidity issues in my flower tent. I bought a 70 pint dehumidifier and they delivered a 50 pint so I just started using it while I figured it out. Now the humidity in the room is going down but not inside the tent. What can I do about this? It seemed like no one suggested putting a dehumidifier directly in the tent but the humidity still isn’t going down am I gonna have to get a smaller one to put in the tent? Another thing it could be is I have my ac attached to my intake fan with ducting running to it and attached to an inkbird controller set to 75 degrees. So all the fresh air coming in pretty much comes from the ac, I do this so I don’t have to keep an ac running all the time to keep the whole room cool when I’m just trying to keep the tent cool. The room doesn’t have the best insulation so it helps the electric bill out a lot bit having to keep that ac running 24/7. This seems silly especially in the winter and I am in New York. This is kind of complicated but if someone could help me figure this out I would really appreciate it. Should I get a smaller dehumidifier and put it inside the tent or come up witb some other method of air/ intake/ circulation to deal with my humidity. I’m on my first week of bloom and the humidity has been at 70 percent steady.

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This last pic you can see the whole set up pretty clearly


@BigCat420 @Outlaw @OGIncognito @Fieldofdreams @Cap_Ron do you guys have any thoughts on this? I’ve appreciated the help you guys have already given me, so I figured you would have some thoughts on this to help me out. Thanks


That’s what I was gonna suggest. That’s how I control my grow room. Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

What were you gonna suggest?

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I was having the same issue during my flower. I put a heater and Dehu in my tent and it steadied it out

I run a dehumidifier in the lung room and another one right in the tent. They are either 50’s or 70’s. I forget

Damn the dehumidifier I just bought is too big to fit in the tent.

What is the lung room exactly?

Maybe I should return the dehumidifier I just bought. It’s a 50 liter, I actually ordered a 70 and they sent me a 50 haha. I was advised not to put it in the tent.

Running a hose from the intake of the tent to the output of the dehumidifier. I’ve posted pictures exactly like that on other threads.
Good job! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

I run just lights during day have 2 14" exhaust fans to draw the warm air out. In talking with the local green house he said 70 wasnt bad during flower but a little high. I have a small heater for dark hrs keeps about 64degrees. During light only use the black out curtains i dont close it up at night. Maintain 74 degrees. Jon thought a higher temp during light hrs would benefit the girls i would have to run a heater all the time dont want that. I run 2 small dehumidifiers in the tent attic stays around 60 tent is 64

Not realy ideal inside the tent. I don’t know what I was thinking

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I think at least part of the issue is that you’re currently controlling your exhaust fan based on temperature, not humidity. In high humidity situations my exhaust fans run pretty much constantly in order to keep up.
That’s why having the 50 pint dehumidifier in the room isn’t having a noticeable effect in the tent. If your exhaust fan was constantly circulating air between the tent and the room, and the dehumidifier was running in the room, you would see the humidity in the tent start to come down.

The room that your tent sits in.

Why? Been running mine in tent for 2 years. Just need to watch the temperature in the tent


My exhaust is set to the the highest setting and is running powerful, it’s a 6 inch ac infinity and I have it set to 10, I think It might have something to do with my intake fan being attached to my ac? As you can see the intake fan is duct taped to some ducting attached to the ac that runs to an intake fan. The intake fan runs 24 hours but the ac only turns on when the temps go above 75 inside the tent