Humidity;how to

Reading about the proper levels of humidity at various stages of growth. How do you reduce the level of humidity in your tents? To much at certain growth stages is not good from what I read. Any and all ideas welcome. thanks

Air conditioners and heaters both take humidity out of the air. If your temps are managed and you still have an issue you can pick up a dehumidifier. I run one in my flowering tent to keep the humidity down.


Thanks, what size dehumidifier do you use? My tent is 2x4x5 so I don’t need a big one, or would I.

I have a 30-pint LG I got from Home Depot. I’m not really sure what the 30 pints means.

I empty it twice a day, but I keep the rest of my house pretty humid. You might be able to get away with a smaller unit.

I seen some small units, 8 inches by 12 inches that has a 18 oz. capacity. I believe that may work. Thanks again this hit is for you.

I also use a dehumidifier but I have it in the room that my fresh air is drawn from. It acts like a lung room which i can monitor from the house :sunglasses:

would a 1 gallon humidifier work in an 4x4x6 tent?

Welcome to a great forum @tylerkobelson. Do you know what your relative humidity is before you try to adjust it.

I have a dehumidifier in my 2 X 4 X 5 tent now. It’s way oversize for that space but allows me many ways to manipulate humidity by having the extra power. I also got one that had an external drain so I could drain outside into a bucket. You’d be amazed at how much good water you’ll pull with it.

It’s effectively distilled, correct?


Yowzah. Goes right back on the plants.


I will have to check. I plan to order the rest of my supplies soon. I have a light, nutrients, fabric pots and seeds but am still waiting to order my 4x4x6.6 tent and ph tester and soil. My grow space is going to be the attic of my garage. Its not as insulated as a house would be but its usually pretty warm up there. My lights came with 2 temp and humidity gauges and Im pretty sure it was around 27 hr when I checked it but I could be wrong. Could anyone help me estimate how often a 1 gallon humidifier would last me?

What size humidifier? Does it add heat to the tent. Thanks

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Mine’s sized for a room. About 1/2 gallon reservoir. It’s lights out in the tent so can’t tell you who made it.

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