Grow tent air scrubber, dehumidifier diagram/set up

Could someone suggest a diagram for setting up a 2x2x5 grow tent that incorporates an air scrubber and a dehumidifier? I have a ducted 4" diameter air scrubber and “large” GE dehumidifier. I am working on adapting the dehumidifier to function outside the grow tent if possible to avoid increasing the temperature within the grow tent. (I am only growing one plant at this time as a first grow attempt.) Any suggestions, drawings, pictures for a diagram on how to to possibly duct the dehumidifier to control the humidity; maybe connected to the air scrubber? (Or not connected to the air scrubber.) Thanks

I’m no expert here, by any means…but if I’m not mistaken you’ll want the humidifier raising the humidity in the room the tent is in, rather than ducting it in specifically raising the humidity in the tent. I could certainly be wrong, so I’d wait for others to chime in. Best of luck friendo

Thanks for the feed back, but, I will be trying to “lower” the humidity when the time comes. I am using a (de)humidifier. RH is currently at a desired range but I will be needing to lower it to about 35-40 at a particular grow stage.

Ahh gotcha, I think the same applies to a dehumidifier as well. For most environmental controls I think you want to have the room in range for what you want and then adjust ventilation and air flow to control the conditions in the tent…but again no expert

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So, it sounds like I need to dehumidify the bed room in which the closet is located and draw that air into the grow tent by an intake fan. The humidifier I have is substantial enough to accomplish that. That would lower the humidity in the grow tent. Then the air scrubber … “scrubs.” LOL! I think that would work…no need for “ducting” the dehumidifier, then…thanks. I was “over thinking” this thing!

I had to come up with something when I was testing a garage set up. There was no way to dehumidify the garage without emptying the basin every 2 hrs. I extended the humidity sensor so it could reach inside the tent. Added some duct flashing on the intake and connected a duct from that to go into the tent. It worked ok. Only dropped Rh about 10% though.


Good job! I was thinking of the same concept but my circumstances turned out to be easier to manage…good job, though! Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks for posting all of that @BobbyDigital

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