Is a 11 gal container enough for tall plants?

Hey guys soon I will plant my lady outside and start the vegetation phase, so I decided to buy this 40 L container (11 gal) and I was wondering how tall will it grow.
I saw some threads talking about 5 gal containers growing plants taller then 5 feet and I was wondering if I can reach atleast 6 or 7 feet with a 11 gal vase?
Also I’m growing everything outdoor.

All depends on the strain, bigger bucket will produce bigger but genetics of each strain will b different. Indicas r low and wide usually and sativas will grow taller and skinny.


Well mine is a hybrid but sativa dominant, it “should” be AK-47 but not quite sure, since I found the seeds from buds that were pollinated.

I’ve grown gsc, (sativa dom) in 10 gal containers outside. They reached 6’+ feet.
This year I’m switching to 30 gal cloth pots. :+1:


wow that is amazing and how much oz you got from just one plant?

This chick grows in normal 5gal buckets and look how big her plants are


Shit looks legit man, well I guess I will have a mother tree of weed then.

If they get really tall, they will need support so focus stays on growing flowers instead of stronger stalks.

Overall, I was getting about 10oz/plant. Usuallly 8+grade a bud and 2-4oz larf.

Last year I grew in an outdoor scrog, would’ve been closer to 14-16oz/plant if it weren’t for bud rot.

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