Size of the pot

what would be a good size of pot to plant my seedlings in for growing outdoors? Im thinking like a 5 gallon bucket. Any Ideas?

I’m using this type indoors now but I’ve also used them outdoors

Maybe 3 gal root bags fools the plant in to thinking it’s got more room least it works for me

The minimum I would use outdoors is a 5 gallon. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant.

If using a 5 gallon bucket I would suggest putting quite a few holes in the bottom. I also put holes up the sides of the bucket as well. Works well for me.

A lot of people use the soft pots and have great success with them. I am thinking of trying them myself.

depends what you want/expect to get out of it… something like this would be good…

the bigger the better…why limit your grow,…and your harvest, by using a 5 gallon bucket?? If you are going to invest 5 or 6 months into an outdoor grow you may as well allow the plant to reach it’s full potential.


I started my outdoor in 5 gal, then 20, then 50, now most in 65 gal fabric…
Next year I will not grow in anything less than 50 gal, thats for sure

If you have the room 30 gallons a great size, the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits…

That is very true, I was just worried about if i need to move the plant around ( company coming over for pool parties ) etc. i know i can easily lift and move 5 gal buckets… 30 gal… not sure what that will weigh with the dirt and all. But im a fat bastard, im sure I could find a way :slight_smile:


your an animal… 50 gal…WOW


as long as you don’t have to move it often it shouldn’t be an issue… but plan ahead just in case.
maybe take a half sheet of plywood, keep your pot on it…drill a couple holes in it and knot some rope through it…this way you have a handle and can slowly slide the plant…but be careful not to tip it. as for soil,…30 gallons of potting soil with generous perlite mix is not going to be very heavy…perlite weighs out like packing peanuts, lol.

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This is my first time growing… not sure what to expect. I just would love to see nice flowers on on my plants

great idea"thanks"
Im gonna get me them 30 gal. pots. Thanks to all for your input. Im probably going to need yall once my package shows up… Just placed an order on July 17th and another on the 19th. Found out my high yeild pack was not autoflowering, so i bought some autoflowering on the 19th :slight_smile: I need some seeds that are dummy proof. hahahaha

People here grow in 400 - 800 gal pots, I have seen it…
8-10 lb harvest per tree…:wink::wink::wink::wink:

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With big container and seedling plants be careful to not overwater.

Pick up a cheap dolly from Home Depot and that should help moving them around, or put them on creepers.