Intake/Exhaust necessary for small grow?

Hey guys, first timer and already appreciate the forum with it’s willingness to help/educate new comers. You guys are a great community!

So i’m prepping to start my first grow, keeping it as fail-safe as possible due to my lack of knowledge. I’ll be growing a single auto-flowering plant in a 24x24x48 tent with a 300W LED (136W actual.) I’m about to germinate but hadn’t planned on any ventilation intervention. If i’m not concerned about odor is an intake/exhaust process necessary? Or can i clip a few small fans inside for movement? Also if this were the case, should i leave some of the tents exhaust ports open for bias airflow?

If the consensus is to add air movement, would a couple iPower 4 inch 100cfm’s do the trick? One for outflow one for in? They say “not for use in humid environments” but the inline ones are about 3-times the price. I was just going to duct tape them into my ports, if they’re even needed. Thanks!

Link to iPower fans:

If smell isn’t a worry, you could probably just get away with a clip fan sucking air out the top & another circulating air below. With an auto, you can keep your lower passive tent flaps open 24/7, too. You could get one of those smaller inline fans as a backup. Small tents are great b/c it’s so much easier to manage their environment.


Honestly, good airflow will prevent future problems imo. I will always run an exhaust even on the smallest grow possible. I keep my passive vents open at all times as well, but when lights go out its pitch black so some might not have that option.


You’ve had good answers. I’ll only add that you MUST have air flowing across your plants. Otherwise the stems will be very weak. Ask me how I know …


Thanks guys, great advice just as expected. I think I’ll go with open flaps on the bottom, leaked light shouldn’t be a problem since the tent is in my basement and when the grow light is off the whole basement will be dark. Then i’ll clip a few small rotating fans inside for movement.

For any of you following the post, while I’ve got you here and reading, how about soil? I’d really like to simplify this as much as possible to avoid error. Ideally I’m looking for a store bought soil to fill my 5 gallon cloth pot, germinate in this and never transplant. Then use liquid nutrient sprays as needed per each stage of growth…? What I’m reading in the forum about soil seems much more complex and mixing a variety of different components, too much room to F it up in my opinion.
My conditions in the tent are great, without intervention my reader is showing 69 degrees and 70% humidity. My light is easily adjustable to accommodate seedling - flowering stages, and again I’m not looking for any wild yields. Just want this thing to grow and produce functional buds haha.

@SuperFlair you still want to have a exhaust fan going this will help remove the heat and humidity which will cause issues if not dealt with a intake fan is optional of you have passive vents on your tent most have flaps down low that you can open or close p
A carbon filter is not needed tho if your not concerned about smells
A few clip on fans are a must also

The ipower fan you post will do you just fine

Tag me if you have any other questions
Im a hvac mechanic with over 25 years of experience
Happy growing :v: CB

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