Inside or wait for outside?

A question from a fellow grower:

I would like a small growing box with everything I need , I live in a small house in the northeast where it gets pretty cold in the winter. I am only looking for a small grow box to grow for personal use only, I am 65 yrs. Old and suffer from anxiety, stress and degenerative arthritus. I don’t have a garage but I do have a basement with a concrete floor. What I am concerned about is the smell that the plant gives off and how much higher will the lights make my electric bill? In the summer I can move outside into my shed if necessary, where the temps reach mid 90’s and humid in the summer. Please get back to me and give your suggestion what u would do if U had my situation to work with, I also have other people living in the house. Your advice will be appreciated in my decision, whether to do this or not

For the amount of money you would spend on a grow box you could easy enough set up a good carbon filter with extraction fan to get rid of smell in your house. I don’t know what hydro/electricity costs so you will have to do some math companies bill at 1000 watts per hour a kilowatt hour since you know what any lights you look at are in watts you can calculate what it costs per hour to run your lights. Fans and other appliances also provide their energy consumption in amps getting watts from amps is simple math too volts times amps equals watts.

A grow tent can be a cheaper alternative but given your absence of privacy honestly if you have people living with you you will find it extremely hard if not impossible to hide from them. Plants need fair amount of care and attention water nutrients pruning so many factors to consider with other people in same house very hard to keep things stealthy at all times. If them knowing isn’t a concern makes things far easier :slight_smile: