A new plan with your help

Ok this is going to be my second set up but this is really good one. My wife gave me a closet in the spare bedroom to set up as my grow location. Can you kind folks give me suggestions on setting it up. I am already scheming on how I will get my electrician grandson to run power into it for me.

First time I didnt ask. This time I would like suggestions on how to turn this closet into the best grow space possible. Dem are 47" w x 28" d x 71" h. photo attached.


Have a budget in mind? We’ll have all kinds of suggestions.


For the most part, two 2x2 tents would work well. One for flowering one for vegging. IF this is the only space you have to grow in. If you have decent lighting, you could flower in both tents if you needed.

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What’s above and below that closet?

How discreet do you need to be (I’m thinking about smell)?

Ok here is my scheme. I have 200amp service to the house and two adjacent slots that a 20amp ckt could be put into the power panel. Above the closet is a small cabinet that I could run an exhaust pipe through into the attic. The room is right across the hall from the bathroom that has an exhaust vent to tap into. I would want a quiet fan to draw out the smell. Power would be a short run through the attic to the junction box and 20 amp ckt. Below the closet is the crawl space under the house.

From there on it goes into equipment and thats where I need the guidance.

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limited budget and a very slow build taking my time and getting it right. I smoke a lot of weed and I need to be able to support myself. I would like to have it done by september so that I can plant the first grow for my birthday. I will probably be putting $1,000. Into it over the months.


Oh the possibilities with a space like that…

How many plants would you like to have in flower, veg and seedling/clone? I’m thinking multi tiered for the seedling/clone, veg side and a bigger flower side. In veg almost no smell need to move some air for them. In flower is where the dank comes out. Maybe two short 2x2 then a tall 2x2 for the flower. You could start a small perpetual.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness some times my creative side gets out of control and I can’t stop it. :face_with_monocle:


Most of that budget should be lighting. If this is your only space, I definitely recommend minimum two tents. Ac infinity for your exhaust fan.
Lighting, I would recommend rapid led puck version.

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yep I know what you mean. I been smoking too!

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I’m gonna be devils advocate and say go with a 4x2 tent (heck there is a super cheap used one! Ide buy it if it’s no good free returns! That will save you $$$ and it’s as tall as you can get at 60" because next size up is 72" but your height is 71" soooo no dice there)

You want the newer style of duct fan to control noise, they move a little less air but are quiter
Get a 6 inch so you don’t have cooling issues

Get a secondary controller to control the fan because the T6 AC infinity is more expensive, doesn’t give you as much control and I don’t like mine it does a poor job of moving air I find not worth the price.
Inkbird duel controller is highly recommended by a few of us on the forums

Find a cheap humidfior at a second hand/thrift store / FB marketplace.

Your best light option is

Unless you have time/skills to build one yourself then hop over to the lighting thread and jump into the “let’s talk DIY lighting” that can save you a fair chunk of $, otherwise this light is your best option from seed to harvest.

Get a couple fabric pots buy a pack, they are cheap by the pack. I would want 5 or 7 gallons, run 2-3 plants.

Purchase these and some dishes

Decide if you want to grow soil or coco? Coco you have to check pretty much everyday and use nutrients from start to finish while soil is every 2-4 days of watering and don’t need to feed till week 4-6.

Autos or fems?
If you want a continuous grow in such a small place you could. Do autos or you may have to start the photos in a solo cup somewhere stealthy with a clf bulb when your plants are nearing the end to limit down time (best way to start them anyways but the lighting scedule will just not work)

I grew for a year in a similar space but I could fit the tall tent at 72"

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My suggestions:
Go with autoflowering strains so you can have a perpetual grow in a single space. Start one plant, wait 8 weeks, start another. When you are almost ready to harvest one, start another.
You essentially have a 2’x4’ space. The Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 260XL would be the right light for that space. If you do decide to split it into two spaces, two of the HLG 135 lights is what you want.
I don’t think I would put a tent in that space but rather purchase a roll of 56" wide reflective mylar film and line the walls of your closet with it. Plus, it’s cheaper.
You will need an inlet vent. A couple of floor vents mounted so they pass through the wall or even the closet door into an adjacent room should do well.
The biggest electrical draw will be your light. The HLG 260 only draws 3 amps, so you might take a look at the draw on the circuit in the next room. You may be able to save money by just adding an outlet to the closet and the attic above(if needed) - that might save you some money. It will definitely save on hassle.

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Thanks these are great ideas. I am going to go to the diy forum and look around. I might just be doing construction this summer.

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Construction would definitely be your best bet, I agree with going with autoflowers like @TommyBahama suggested but unless you do some construction to make that closet more air tight/ light leak proof I would stick with a tent.
Although construction would be a way better end result of course I worry about y oh trying to control your environment and smell if it’s not sealed like a tent would be.

yes contruction is what I will do in the closet. I will use the tent until then. I have been looking at all the different lights to improve my current set-up that I can switch into the closet when I am ready to move my grow into there. My goal will be to have the closet wired with power and vented through my heat pumps return thats about 4’ away. I can tap into that with a dryer flexable exhaust and I will put a filter in the closet. 110v 20 amp ckt wired back to the panel. Enough light to get the job done. I am scheming and dreaming on all the possibilities.

If you are able to take the roof out in the closet that would be ideal to give you a bit more head room for fans and filters etc

@Nicky unfortunately that would be a big job and probably expensive.

No sweat then, you’ll have enough room just make sure the space is not leaking light and limit where the air vents in (ideally place a little home made filter over it)
Then keep it negative pressure with your fan setup by venting.

You’ll sort it out but standard closet doors have to much of a spacing / leaking to be ideal. So weather seals or something is in order but you’ll just have to keep that in mind and you can hash it out we are watching and curious

Yes its going to be interesting. I will be using the closet next to the grow room as my drying area. Man I got so much to learn. Now my red neck DYI scheme is to vent both closets together so that the air will be drawn out of both rooms by the air exchange. Still planning it all out and I am going to take pictures along the way and put them out for you all, All suggestions will be appreciated. Dammit Jim! I am a pot head not a rocket scientist!

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Just be sure to include spots for the carbon filter and Remeber in a year or so you’ll have to change it out

@Nicky, I wasnt planning on using a carbon filter. I will be using a re-usable air conditioner style foam filter I can wash out every month or so. With my air conditioning system pulling the air out of the closets for me. Just wait until I get it in. Its hard to explain but not so hard to do. I will have a good air flow through the closets. No need for an electric exhaust fan. I will let my Trane XR do it for me. Its going to be running anyway.