Need list for grow closet on a budget please

I have very limited $$ resources and terrible electric systems in my house. However, I’m determined to use items I already have, shop smart for what I don’t have and figure out how to do this with just a 15 amp breaker!!! Also, doing this in ‘stealth mode.’ My goal is to be ready for a winter grow setup before ordering quality seeds😊. I’m reading here as much as I can with limited internet so just need a list to check off and advice regarding electric system I have. Thanks to all who respond.


Are you planning on using a tent? If so what size?

Can’t afford a tent this year. I’m looking at two options. 1- basement with 15 amp breaker. Heated during winter. However, I already have a freezer on that circuit which blows breaker if I try to turn on anything other than overhead light. 2- a small dark linen closet off bathroom which is supposed to be a 20 amp circuit. I’m thinking of painting or lining the closet then run an extension cord, attach a circuit breaker with 4-6 ports. I’m pretty sure I could grow at least one plant there.


My only other grow was 1 plant in a closet, just trying out a bag seed and that thing got so flipping stretchy. I was using a halogen light ( not a good idea, wrong wave lengths and too much heat) It smelled up the entire closet and never budded before beloved spouse made me drive out to the boondocks and dump it in a farmers field. I had wrong light, no ventilation and did not have this forum for learning anything. I know you will have to figure a way to ventilate your closet though because of the heat output of lights. Definitely do not try using any high output lighting in a small area like that. I would think you would need to go with autos and scrogging to keep it short. You could go with some T5 grow fluorescents for veg, seems like the box stores have those fixtures on sale frequently and then add some higher wattage CFLs during bloom. You can get those in the red range for flowering. They don’t create a ton of heat but you would still need some way to vent the closet. I bet there are some people on here who can guide you with that. Sounds like the basement isn’t an option with your problem electric system. Good luck.

Thanks. Yep. Setting up an exhaust vent is a problem I’ve been thinking about. However, it’s close to a ceiling bathroom exhaust fan so I’m wondering about that. My lighting on hand consists of: 1 full spectrum table lamp, 1 metal clamp lamp, asstd corkscrew CFL’s ranging from 60-125w, 2 -100w screw in soft white LEDs. I also have: small ceramic heater, 2 small fans, 2 car sunshades, a metal shelf unit which when modified will fit into closet, 2" insulation cut to fit bottom of closet, good extension cord (need 4-6 socket strip), temp & humidity meter, but most of all, a CAN DO attitude. Now I need to clean out that closet :weary:


Update! Closet halfway cleaned out. I’ll finish today and work with what I have for now and add a little more when finances allow. Thanks again for your time and support :blush:


@SmoknGranny, I saw where you were thinking about trying to make your own smart pots? That’s amazing! I’m not much of a seamstress. I admire the ingenuity!

Thanks. If you have a sewing machine, non cotton thread, can sew a straight line and follow instructions (hard for me. I’m a visual learner), then I believe it’s doable. I’m planning on making 3-5 gallon bags. But gotta work on closet grow room first. :blush:


Haven’t owned a sewing machine since around 1980. It was my mom’s and she wanted it out of her house since she was just as lousy at sewing as I am.

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ROFLMAO. I’m not much of a sewer and always have to dust off the machine when needed for repairs :blush:



First indoor grow with my Frankenstein. Be patient and everything will fall into place I used full spectrum LED 65w flood . Do great job I just had to learn about range and humidity. Good luck. My Frankenstein is now a wonderful production environment for about $320.00. I need to get air pump but I can go without


@SmoknGranny $150 setup. 2x2x4 tent $40 Viparspectra 300W LED light $89 1 x 4" fan wlamart $6 1 x 6" Fan $10 walmart Seeds free from friend


Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I get ideas from seeing pics to use what I have on hand. “Frank” is inspirational!

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Nice. Love the price for the tent. I’m going to have to build custom as my closet is only 22"X34". Still trying to figure out how I’m going to vent it. Sure do appreciate your support and ideas😊

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What’s the white hose? Mister? What size pots are you using? Damn I’m nosey :rofl:

:joy::joy:that was a C-PAP machine that served as a wonderful humidifier test space experiment.

however end result was bad bud so it was too strong. I balance humidity now the old fashion way open water. Heat control is my main issue if I need to go covert then I have to kill half my system. Luckily this thing is so deep and indirect that I can leave doors open without scent. I do recommend IGLM products like nutrient kit because my current grow looks like NOTHING I’ve ever seen before in genetics and growth. I have branching formation early far before my third tier and the stalks are already massive. Started in 5" jiffy w/Pure Organic soil… strickly following grow schedule. Current pots are 2 gallon. They will finish in 4gal. Pot. All ILGM product Pushing 2210 in LED LIGHT . Space is 2x3x57" I only want 3 at a time so I’m not all big on space. Plus I marvel at horticulture

Thanks. Somehow I don’t think my hubby would like it if I "borrowed " his cpap as he knows nothing about my new hobby :blush:

@dbrn32 I asked this just after I joined ILGM

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So is the closet still the most ideal location?