Input on Grow Room

First things first, I live in a prohibition state. In the south… Doesn’t look like we will get anything recreational anytime soon, they keep denying medical. Honestly I think it will be federal before my state budges.

Next: I have a pretty decently sized house, it’s just the three of us here (1 child) so we have a guest room and walk in closet not being used and I’m not worried about being steathy from anyone inside the home unless someone were to visit. My current setup is a 3x3 in my own walk-in closet behind the door, nice and tucked away but we want something bigger. My closet is in the middle/back of the house upstairs. The guest room and guest closet is at the very front…

Stealth wise - is it possible to have the walk in closet (pictured) as a grow room because it’s at the front of the house? I WANT to be able to put a tent in but due to the ceiling it isn’t likely. I can fit a 5x5 “shorty” tent by Gorilla AND use the free extension but if I were to ever need the height, what then? Which brings to my next idea and just utilizing the guest room for a 5x5x6.5 and possible extension in there… Problem is, my husband thinks that’s just too much space to use and too obvious I suppose.

We’re in an HOA, cops live 3 houses down on both sides of us, and homes are probably no more than 20ft apart.

Edit: Closet is 9.5ftx8.5ft while the guest room is 10.5x10ish


Sure, closet is great for a grow room. You will just have to find solution for window. Both for potential light leaks and stealth.


i would remove the carpet in the Guest closet and cover the sub-floor with cheap vinyl flooring then just use the closet as the grow room.!
that closet has a lot going for it, like the size, a dehu. will fit under the storage shelf, a window for an a/c unit, room for a small plastic ‘camping’ table for a work bench.
only one thing i can see being a hurdle is getting fresh air into the room and carbon filtered air out.

i have a custom designed/built stealth grow box that is by the driveway door (the one me and the ‘kids’ use, only one teen left in the house) and no-one but me knows it exists,
this box has sound and smell protection and visual protection, it looks like a storage cab in the corner of the garage.! mwah hah hah.! LOL


Wow that’s cool! What are you able to yield from your box? Yea that’s the problem I’m coming with is the fresh air etc which is why I’m thinking just use he entire guest bedroom and stick a 5x5 in coal it good or remove all of the shelving I have in my closet, put a 5x5 in the very back and have shelving on the sides for clothes and whatnot… Ugh idk at this point lol.

I think you and I or in the same state frickin governor needs to step in and open the medical up so they can start vegging the plants and get the moms up and running!!

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IF smell is a problem, a low smell strain will help greatly.
Of course, a charcoal filter would help as well.

As to a grow space, keep in mind a regular grow will require at least 3 months of use…more if you get a slow grower.

I would suggest anything close to the front door will increase the unpleasant possibility of someone “accidentally” opening a door. Kids playing and running around. Guests looking for the bathroom.
My old place had a state trooper living across the street for 5 years. I never unloaded anything outside…always inside the closed garage. Never invited anyone over.

There is a good life quote in a Mark Twain book, " Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead". From Tom Sawyer, I think. Talking about Indian Joe and his plan to keep the gold for himself.


@beautifulL0V3 both of these spaces work well. If you plan to grow a lot, you’ll end up using both spaces. One to veg in and one to flower in. This is especially important if you want to have a perpetual grow. I don’t know what you’re needs are for harvest yields. Some people can grow in a 4x4 and be set for months. Then you’d start over from seed, to flower. No need for a second space.
Carbon filter is a MUST especially with people that might smell it some where down wind.


I currently have a nice charcoal filter in my 3x3 tent set up, but I didn’t know whether to put it IN the tent or outside so it’s inside for now. As far as the room… it is upstairs and there’s no need for guests to go upstairs because that’s where bedrooms and the other two bathrooms are. There is a bathroom downstairs… IF there were an emergency to where two bathrooms were needed, I planned on getting a lock to put on it anyway.

I want to grow enough to sustain my husband — he’s disabled vet and gets compensation from the VA so even if medical gets passed he’s still not technically able to get it until federal passes… He smokes maybe 2-3oz a month which isn’t much because of the cost but I’d like for him to be able to have more and then excess for some trusted friends. I’m looking to yield 1-2lb a harvest which I’ve read isn’t really possible in a 3x3 or 4x4 which is why I’ve gotta go bigger.


@beautifulL0V3 first of all I want to thank your husband for his service to our country.

As far as yields go, I wouldn’t expect that much from your first grow. However the key to that amount is two separate veg and flower spaces. Spacing the plants out in growth, so you have something always flowering and finishing. (And started!)

With this in mind, a 4x4 is a excellent flowering area, with a 3x3 feeding it. I recommend getting a 2 in 1 tent for veg, you’ll have a seedling/clone area, and then a space to veg in for a more mature plant. I’ll link a tent that will work, but you can choose from what you think works best. These tents can be in the same space, just be sure to close them.

As far as budgets go, I do realize that you’re just starting out, and have nothing. Any grower on here will tell you that good lighting is key to these kinds of yields. Also, efficacy is important so it doesn’t cost you an arm an a leg to grow. Lighting will be the most expensive investment of any grow. If you invest wisely, this will be a one time investment, and you’ll get years of use out of them.
Horticulture lighting group will be your most affordable option for veg or flower lights. These are the most affordable and you’ll need proper flowering coverage. Quantum boards 288 version 2 is your best bet. Version 1 is acceptable, but getting more difficult to find.
Rapid LED is a DIY kit, that you wire your self, but we can walk you through it. Couple different options with COB lighting. (I have this kit)
There’s also timber lighting. Essentially the same as rapid, but already wired, and ready to go out of the box.
@beautifulL0V3 I hope you find this information helpful.

TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent 48"x36"x72" 600D High-Reflective W/2-Tiered for Lodge Propagation and Flower (48"X36"X72")

Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing


I actually just purchased a QB, the 600H v2 for a potential 5x5… are these worse than the 288?? I wasn’t completely sure.

I currently have a 3x3 from Apollo and doing two autos, plants are growing great but I didn’t realize that the “1200w blurple led” was actually only outputting 200 or so, so now this grow isn’t going to be what it could’ve been… however I have learned from that mistake for sure. My girls are already flowering so I know for next time. I did manage to get nutes and pH dialed in well though so that was a plus. I was going to keep the 3x3 and do veg and have a 5x5 for flowering.

As far as seed area, I have a prop chamber but I mean, can’t I just stick it on the ground in the veg tent lol :woman_shrugging:t2: I do like the split but since I’ve already got the 3x3…

What do you think?


Nope, you’re good on that. Someone did some homework! :wink:

I was under the impression you had nothing, you’re doing great on space. The seedling propagation should have her own space, you can place it in the veg tent, however the seedlings might stretch. So you might end up compromising between seedlings and other plants.

The autoflowers under the blurple might do well considering. I had one that did well in poor lighting. @beautifulL0V3


I keep my seedlings in my veg tent on a small shelf to put their canopy at similar height as my vegging plants I find this works quite well and my small stuff doesn’t stretch much. I do however have a diy light in that tent that covers a 4 foot long by 20 inch wide area and it does the full 4x4 veg tent with 1/2 dedicated to seedlings/ cloning experiments and the other 1/2 for veg

I’ve got the little prop chamber, idk how much space a seedling needs but it came with a decent t5 light that grew the two I’m on now very quickly. Once I saw roots I transplanted to the DWC… I can definitely find a way to put it same height so they don’t stretch or perhaps find a way to put a shelf in and have them above everything else since they have their own light :woman_shrugging:t2:

I can buy the dual chamber tent later on, for now I can make due since I just bought that damn QB 600 :roll_eyes:

These are my autos under the blurple… stretched quite a bit but ya live and learn. The bottom portion will probably underdeveloped as someone said but is there a way to harvest top half then let the bottom mature a little longer then harvest it?

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I think with the lighted chamber you should be alright.

You will be extremely pleased with your QB purchase. I look forward to watching your skills improve and your quality and quantity increase as you learn and experiment


the HLG 600 QB is perfect for a 4x4.!
your plan sounds great, maybe in the future set up a small area for seeds and/or clones with that T5 light.!!

i can get 1-2 oz per week on a perpetual cycle, if my lazy ass stays on top of chit.! lol
momma/clone/seedling side, with a veg shelf on the door

flower side, every 2 weeks 4 clone’lings go in the back and 4 mature plants come out of the front

mechanical room/ dry area up top


i think this may help…
with your KingLED powering the 3x3 for veg and the 600 QB in a 4x4 for flower u can produce 10-20 ounces every 9-10 weeks.! (1-2 oz per week on average)

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The king isn’t bad so I may end up just getting another for the veg but at the same time the QB XW 260 in the 3x3 would be badass… But I’ll make do with the king for now. My autos did alright in veg with this light, just when flowering they stretched so much

I would get some panda film and convert the part of spare room into a grow room

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no reason to ‘make do’, that King fixture is ideal to veg a 3x3.!
everyone agrees that they don’t do so well for flower tho.!!

it takes roughly half the light for good vegetative growth and they r not as picky about spectrum while in veg,
an HLG 260w QB will flower a 3x3 okay, but will veg a 3.5x4 area like a boss.

I think it only puts out 200w if that, it was a cheapie from Amazon… A knock off of the Kind LED that are expensive