Stealthy Grow Ideas - Show Your Grow

I live in a prohibition state and have a stealth grow in my garage. It is a work in progress and the current problem I have is the exhaust air is too loud and coming from and area that should not have any sound. So it seems obvious to me that people would notice that something is amiss here. It is a 6 inch exhaust with the sound of air moving rather than a mechanical noise from the fan. I could get a speed controller to slow down the fan speed but don’t want to risk the temp spike. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Also, I’m sure some of you guys have some super stealthy set ups peeps like me would love to see and bounce off ideas…so show us your grow!

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I started mine in the garage but ended up moving it indoors.


I use my gas fireplace exhaust to push the air outside. Can’t hear a peep from inside.


I would definitely get a speed control for the fan you can run that fan on the low setting of the speed control and still maintain a negative pressure inside grow tent. Also running it on low it’s going to cut down a lot on sound. You can put a sound deadener kit on the outside of the fan housing will also cut down on sound. I like the 6-inch because of the bigger filter. good luck

That’s great! Love the metal shelfing framework idea!

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Now that is cat daddy kind of stealth right there! Thanks for sharing

As soon as Michigan legalized recreational cannabis, I went to my personal “seed bank” and started my first grow ever. The room is a “work in progress” and will continue to evolve. I’m finding growing to be very therapeutic and can’t keep myself out of the room LOL.
No idea how many are viable but I’ve been collecting them for a long time


I may have to do that. Currently looking for something to baffle the sound exiting the exhaust pipe. May go with a cooler or cardboard box with insulation or sound deadening panels.

When MI passed the law to be able to grow it legally. I pulled out my seeds and went to town. The big bummer was when I found out that 5 out of 5 were males. All that time and nutrients and power were wasted on them. If you can find female clones from friends or buy fem seeds thru a good site. I’d go that route. Learn to clone and you will be in business. You want a new strain down the line shouldn’t be hard later on when MI really ramps up with it. I’m sure more and more people be willing to exchange plants for $.
Good luck in all your grows.


I did the same thing. I’m in the metro Detroit area and planted 9 seeds the week after the election. I planted 3 seeds each in the left, center and right of a large plastic drink tub-probably 4 to 4 1/2 gallons. Plan was to hopefully get at least 2 viable sprouts in each location and then select the best one for a total of 3 plants. Huge rookie mistake. Only 2 sprouted and they were right next to each other on the left side🤦‍♂️.
I won’t make that mistake again! Good thing is one is definitely female and have successfully taken clones from her which are now in my veg room. (Originals) were put into flower 3 days ago. The second plant has been growing in the shadow of the female and has not shown signs of sex yet. I also have 2 viable clones from this one as well and check daily for sexing. Through LST I have been able to get it into the light so hopefully I’ll know soon.

Anyway, welcome to this forum and have a great grow! Finding it very therapeutic and exciting. Make sure you download the Bible as well as “tips for growing marijuana”. Tons of good info there.

Not sure what your plans are but I suggest going in soil and only committing to one plant. I have found it is very forgiving and easier to make corrections. Not sure if you ever tried before but you will find yourself spending a lot of time with her.

You might want to buy some feminized seeds from ILGM to significantly increase your chances of a successful grow!

Good luck and again…welcome to this great forum!


You can build a baffle to muffle sound, I’ve seen directions posted a few places on the web. Another idea may be to route your exhaust to a different place?

Any further update pics? How deep does it go? That’s friggin awesome!

It’s about 5’x5’ but unfortunately the back of the fireplace cuts into it. I’ll be doing the next grow without the tent.

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Nice!!! Like the muzzle break on your home protection as well!! One of my other hobbies!

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The guns are originally what I built the space for. But there was so much unused space that I had to come up with something to fill it.


I’m in Canada and it’s federally legal to grow 4 plants I bought a 2x4 tent thinking that was enough for 4 plants… And I hid it in the closet… Should have just got a 4x4 and not hid it but oh well.

No exhaust cut in the side of the house… Not sure if I want to, but I might come summer.
What I want to do I swap the sliding mirror closet doors out for foldering ones… Ugh annoying

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I keep all of mine in a safe. In a secret location in the house. Lol

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Made some changes for this next grow. Having the tent in there was too cumbersome. So out with the tent

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Hey there.
Here is my Canadian Cannabis Cabinet.
Size is, Flower room, 2.5’ x 5.5’
Veg room 2.5’ x 3.5’
Seedling room 2’ x 3.5’
It’s a work in progress.