Help setting up a closet for grow

First I’m running a couple tents but wanted to start the plan to turn my extra closet into a grow space and was looking for some advice. The closet is 4x7x9 what I had in mind was 2 HLG 260 a 6" cloudline exhaust fan to exhaust into the attic a couple lil clip on fans and a humidifier. Question is what should I put on the wall if I should put anything? The walls are white. And would I need a fan to pull in the air or would the crack under the door be enough to get fresh air in? Thanks for any advice tips or just words all appreciated!


Word word…lol

Depends on environment in that closet and how it might change with the seasons. I converted 2x7x8 size closet but is in basement and in Ohio so winter temps are lower etc. I used a roll of silver “bubble” insulation to line the closet for reflectivity and for insulation but white walls will work too if that’s not an issue.
Never grew anything in there to harvest just use as an overflow when needed. Just use a fan for air movement and leave sliding door/open a bit or more etc depending on environment. That light option sounds good but if your looking to utilize most of that floor space consider a strip build to cover the depth and length well as the 260 is a 2x4 flower footprint and they will cover your length just Not so much your depth where with design of a frame or frames may better be able to cover that…I think lol