Inkbird compatible humidifier and dehumidifier?

Had to scrap my first grows which were outdoors due to a complaining family……building an indoor 5x5 gorilla tent.

I have everything I need now except a humidifier and dehumidifier. I want to run them through an inkbird that I can program to kick each one on within an certain parameter so I can have hands off humidity control.

Total noob at this stuff. Learning lots daily by reading and researching. Looks like the devices need to have mechanical on off switches to use the inkbird and all these digital ones won’t kick on.

Looking for a humidifier and a dehumidifier that I can use. Don’t want to order the wrong ones. Can’t seem to find any info on it. I would like them to be under $100 each. Not looking for garbage but dont want to spend too much.

I have a humidifier on way that I ordered before I learned about the inkbird. Have a feeling it’s not gonna work….

Any suggestions?


Any humidifier and dehumidifier should work with the inkbird. It’ll send power to them and kick on whichever you need to keep rh in the range you’ve set. As for how well they’ll work I can’t say. I’ve just read about the inkbird, never used one. I picked up a refurbished GE dehumidifier for $114 all in. It’s 35 pints (box says 50 pints under old standard) and gets the job done well. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a dehumidifier.

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I’m sure someone will have a great answer for you. Just not me. But can I ask what was up with the neighbors? Sounds juicy.

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From what I’ve read you need to get ones that have actual on and off buttons because once the digital ones shut off, they stay off inkbird or not. The inkbird just kills the power supply and that on button needs to stay on so it kicks back up once power is restored. Unless I’m reading into things wrong.

All I can find is digital stuff and looking on Amazon no one really specifies if it’s an on off switch or digital. Just don’t wanna guess on it.


Wasn’t really the neighbors. This was my first time growing. Law in my state is no outdoor grows, although it is legal to grow. I had them in my backyard.

My 6x year old father and adult son all live in the same roof….they smoke.

But I always take things too far. It was my first grow, ever. An innocent 5 autos turned into 8, then turned into 15……when the first batch started smelling, constant bickering everytime I got home that the neighbors going to smell and I’m gonna get in trouble……wasn’t worth the family problems so i scrapped it completely.

I’ll be back. Been studying since and building a 5x5 gorilla tent with spider farmer se7000 and ac infinity filtration system.

Everyone is cool with it now…I WILL Get my first grow done haha. Having way to much fun learning and can’t wait to get set up

Sorry for the novel


I know some people on here use the inkbird in their setup. I’m sure someone will chime in with the info you need.

Think I figured it out

Ordered inkbird ihc200 humidity controller

Aqua oasis humidifier

Eva dry edv 1100 dehumidifier

I was looking for bigger and more powerful but I think this will do. The 2 devices have on/off switches so when the inkbird does it’s thing they should fire up

If anyone wants some feedback after I get it going feel free to reach out

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Sent 2 back before finding this one that works.

The dehumidifier has to either be a switch you turn on or off or has to have an auto restart feature on it. Inkbird basically simulates a power outage so the auto restart is a must with it.


The INKBIRD ITC-608T can take up to 15A 1800w! That’ll cycle even the biggest dehumidifiers out there.

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Got it all figured out. Finished piecing together my first indoor setup and will be starting my first full grow ever soon (kinda my second grow, I had to yank my first grow that I never finished)

Still gotta run the cords where I want them and stuff, but working 7 days a week so it’s going slow.

Will be doing 8 different mephisto strains and a ethos planet of the grapes. I’ll probably do a grow diary and update it every week. Seems fun,

I ended up putting a 2x4 (composite material that won’t mold) at the back of my tent to mount stuff to. Drilled holes at the end with eye hole screws and ziptied it to the rear posts. Helped a lot with cable management. Stays out of the way of the light too. Get extension cords to run to fans, etc. Tuck them down next to the side walls

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Hi Smashey805,
How did the humidifier worked for you?
I have the same problem trying to find one compatible with the inkbird, the one that you got has some bad reviews on Amazon so I was wondering how did it go for you.
Thank you!!

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Actually didn’t end up getting that one.

I got this one that worked great with the inkbird but just didn’t get the humidity to what I wanted

Ended up getting this one and it is absolutely amazing. Puts humidity wherever you want. But… doesn’t work with inkbird. Inkbird not needed though because you just tell it where you want the humidity and it puts it there fast. Drawback is you will need distilled water, and lots of it. But it wasn’t too bad because after veg I never needed it again anyway

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Thank you for the response,
I actually was asking for the dehumidifier (Eva dry edv 1100 dehumidifier) this one. I don’t know if you end up buying it or you choose a different one.


Oh the Eva dry…straight garbage. It does nothing.

I ended up getting a colaze dehumidifier which works awesome. Not compatible with inkbird but you just set the humidity and it gets it there.

Looks like the model changed since I bought it, upgraded new features but this the one

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Thank you so much!
I really appreciate your help!!!

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How’s that’s working btw? I’ve searched long and hard for a compatible dehu/hum with these inkbirds.

Just responded to the last thing you bought, the Eva. Glad I found this before I went for it lolol. Also sucks were never found the answer.

I’m still using the colaze stand-alone. This is an old post. Now that I got some experience under my belt, I can say honestly don’t even worry if it’s compatible with an inkbird.

The smaller dehumidifiers I bought that had an actual on/off switch that did work with the inkbird were junk and didn’t really help with humidity.

If you get a nicer more powerful unit , it basically has an inkbird built in. You just set it to the humidity level you want and it works itself until it gets there.

The colaze one I linked is a champ.