Inkbird compatible humidifier and dehumidifier?

Why distilled just curious you cant let the chlorine evaporate before you fill???

This is to the humidifier you bought on amazon not the dehumidifier

Smashey805 hasn’t been in the forum for almost a year so I’ll take a shot.

Tap water used in ultrasonic (cool mist) humidifiers will cause the minerals in that tap water to aerosolise, which throws a white mineral dust all over your plants and grow space. It’s okay to use tap water if using an evaporative, wicking type humidifier.

There is no chlorine in distilled. Distilled, by definition, is pure H2O.

Thank you. Yeah I know distilled does not have any chlorine in it.I was talking about to tap. Does the white powder stuff have any effect on the grow? I’ve been using tap this whole time. Had no idea now I know.

It is often mistaken for WPM. The mineral dust can also clog the stoma on the plant and inhibit the plant’s ability to respire CO2, O, and moisture. It makes a mess of your grow space too.

Ok dually noted. My last question for this thread.(I’ll be coming and going like a spy lol) because I do a lot of my own research but I do have questions on answers that google -you know -has its limits. Do you have any recommendations for a good evaporative wicking humidifier? I would like for it to hold its humidity with a humidistat builtin.
I would get an inkbird but i’m kind of holding true to a budget. Right now I use an arctic air x l which isn’t even a humidifier but it does wonderful except for the whole tap water clogging thing. And inconsistent humidity.I can keep it in A50 -70 range.But I’d like a little more precision than that

I use one of these, but they are no longer for sale. You might be able to find one on eBay.

Yeah I looked into it. It’s a three gallon which is a bit much for my 2*2 Not to mention a hefty one twenty price tag.
I was browsing and did find this any opinion?

Just update photos for wondering minds. Weeks 5 to 6 flower.