Infestation! Help!

Three out of my 5 autoflowers have been attacked by what looks like some kind of worm/larvae (see pic). I was away for 2 days and when I returned to my outdoor 5 gallon Wedding Cake autos, I noticed some buds had turned brown and died. I started trimming the dead buds off and pulled out what looks like a larvae of some sort. Can anyone identify what this insect is, and how I might go about saving the rest of the plants? So far I have lost about 5 buds, not entire cones. I removed as much of the dead matter as I could and then gave all the plants a generous spray of Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew. I have been using Captain Jack since I put these babies outside, but this is the first sign of any infestation.

Any advice?

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Bumpty bump bump

That looks like a smaller version of a hawk moth cocoon. But it would be as long as your thumb and buried in the ground.

Im not sure what those are, but they definitely aren’t helping your plants. How often are using captain jacks? The active ingredient is spinosad and is generally a good product to use. For stuff like this I would probably add a BT product and rotate them.


I second the bt. It’s like a nuclear bomb to caterpillars. Use a good bt spray like Monterey or bonide (same as captain jacks brand).

Clearly that thing munched around in there long enough to pupate. It’s like the hungry caterpillar story. You just found him before he turned into a beautiful butterfly or moth.

If you have a lot of them on your lot in general dipel powder can be helpful too. It’s used for fruit trees. It just bt spores cut with cornstarch to help coat or dust. Wear a mask and sprinkle any grass or hedges that have caterpillars too. Do not coat your cannabis with dipel powder. It clings to the plants for a while. That’s only if you at war with caterpillars…


Thanks! How long should I wait before applying the BT? I generously sprayed all my plants with Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew yesterday.

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I would give it a few days or wait until after a rain. From there consult directions on label of product you purchase.