Bugs in my plant

Anyone know what this is and what to do about it?

Looks like spider mite eggs they lay in clusters imo I may be wrong though

Thanks. What about the small ones that are hanging from the leaf?

You got both good and bad going on there. The hanging eggs look like green lacewing eggs, they are predators of mites, aphids and other little pests that will eat your plants.

The leaf with the eggs on the underside is a nightmare about to happen or already happening, those are caterpillar eggs and when they hatch, they will eat into your buds and poop all over your buds, causing bud rot. Remove all you can see of these, check the undersides of all the leaves.

You really need to do some pest management before your plants get wrecked. Capt Jacks Deadbug spray is needed immediately.


Ok. Thanks for the advice! That captain jacks is ok to use on the buds?

I thoroughly checked for more eggs and there isn’t anymore. Unfortunately I took the lacewing eggs off to because I was unsure.