Indoor wonderland harvest!

Well the tricomes look good and the time is right for harvest. First down was the indica Super skunk.

I weighed them at 2.7 oz. of colas and 3.5 all the other buds.Next is my Northern lights!!!


Nice she’s a hairy beast!

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I try to get them when they are cloudy and frosty! When they dry they darken in the cure process . I am doing one every week!

Good looking nugs! Although some of them appear to still have a lot of white pistils even after drying. You may have harvested a little early and shorted yourself on some weight.

Great job nice Harvest to start the new year. Good luck on the northern light one of my favorites.

and how was the smoke?

Well since I was out of weed and waiting for 3 months…early, she was supposed to ripen at 45 and I was at 58 so . I like the head high weed with cloudy tricomes! Not the couch lock of Brown tricomes. Taste like lemon and skunk. Creepy weed!

Looks like a good harvest. Gonna keep you warm and comfy this winter.

But every time I grow, I get better and better results. I have 5 more beautiful girls to go.

Well all the girls are harvested! I had to cut early because of those white flies. I tried to get rid of them but bugs are everywhere in Florida. Anyway next time tight security and more cleaning up!
Here is some of the best weed I have ever smelled, grown or Smoked since 1974!!!

COLUMBIAN GOLD!! A legend in my early years. I hope to regrow every one of those weeds of the 70 s like Panama red or Acapulco gold…Oaxacan buds tall and seedy but the high was awesome. More pictures of the rest to follow. Got to roll on up!


Congrats on your harvest looks like some fat buds in there.

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More buds like Gorilla glue

Grandaddy purple is fantastic and smells like purple grapes. I am glad I flushed with water and let them sit in the dark room. The flush helped with the taste, as well as using nectar etc. but no chemical taste.
The lights off turned the stems yellow and the resin flowed like sweet wine.

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Hi @Pizmopete, went thru your grow and it was very entertaining. Those strains bring back memeories for me too. My older brother use to get them andI remember the names and wondered what happened to those strains. You mentioned theyre seedy . Is that because they hermied on you? How did that happen or is it typical for the strain. Was is a female plant? Thanks for a response and keep up the great work!
PS - Do you have a lead on those strains…would love to get some Acapulco Gold and Panama Red seeds???

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Hey thanks for following my grow , I grew up in the 60/70 's era. We were known as the Cannabis Clan. We always sought out the best weeds from around the world. The buds I was referring to with seeds were the Mexican Oaxaca colas. We would get bags with huge buds seedy but the high was out of this world. My grows have been a journey down memory lane and trying to collect and grow all the weeds of yesterday. This last time I tried Columbian gold, I didn’t get them for ilgm but from seeds supreme. I want to do Panama red and Acapulco gold. Now a days these hybrids , kind of blur the variety of weed. I don’t want homogenized weed.

this gold smells like lemon and lime with a skunk flavor. I think the yellow hairs are what made it gold!


They look great dude. They are so full My crop looks lame now but learning alot here. My next grow will definitely be better. Im going to look into those seeds. Let ya know how I make out. More power to ya!

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I ran 2 600 watt hps grew from seed to harvest in 96 days. It’s all about control over those plants. DWC is the best, for speed and control of nutrients.

the end of growth.


I started smoking early 70’s and Alcopulco Gold was very popular. In 70’s never thought it would take until this year for Oklahoma to legalize medical marijuana either LOL

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