I am soooo Happy, I think I grew some real good stuff

I can’t believe it, after all my problems I think I have some killer weed. Cut off a scrawny cola “one of the few” on the 23rd because it looked like it was dying, it’s been hanging upside down, still not dry “a good thing” thought I would give it a little taste this morning and man am I happy. It has a smooth taste to it and a hell of a good buzz. Weird thing is it doesn’t have any smell to it. When it was in veg it smelled. Naturally I hadn’t flushed this and I can’t detect any chemical taste. I know it will only get better as it cures…



NICE BROTHER 00000man looks incredible have you sampled her ??? They became some luscious ladies… Congratulations my brother thinks like it’ll b da bomb to smoke, jus let her dry n cure for abitbn u r golden n smoken y will really b toking …lol great plants

I wish I could come sample

Looks great


Thanks Buck, smoked some this morning, it’s smooth with a real good buzz. It looks like I’m about two weeks from harvest, I want to get it just before the trich’s turn amber.
I can’t wait to see what that’s like after it’s been cured. Have a good one Buck and good luck.

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Some strains/phenotypes are light in odor. Truly you need a good cure to get what the plant was meant to do in smell, taste… A few months or so. If you can wait! If it’s smooth now, how would it be after a cure?

Congrats on your harvest! Always happy to see people completing a grow. :grin::v:t3:


Thanks Low, and this stuff wasn’t even ready to harvest yet, can’t wait til it’s all cured.


Ready is a relative term, friend. If you are satisfied, I think it was ready. :relieved:


That’s a good looking plant. I felt the same way when I finished my first grow.

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Ribs on the smoker…Yep your place… buds a plenty

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No chit, what ya grow man? Tell us bout your herb. What Strain?

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They are Acapulco Gold, “Photos”. They were grown in Promix General Use, this stuff stays too wet. #1 is the one in the back, it sprouted 4-8-21, #2 the one in the forefront sprouted on 4-17-21. #3 the back left sprouted 4-18-21. They have been in flower since 6-21-21. They have been in flower for 10 weeks today. I’m thinking they have a few more weeks to go. All of the hairs are still white and growing, about 85% of the trichs are clear. The buds just keep getting bigger. Took two tokes of a one hitter this morning and I am blistered. Life is good.


It’s on my bucket list to do, I grow skunk#1 which has it in it.

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