Best way to harvest?l

This is my northern lights.
Been flowering about 16 weeks… The tricomes are barely showing ready.
i don’t know if it’s been ready and I’m over flowering or what but when I examine the tricomes they still looked clear and the Orange hairs barely started out numbering the whites.
I was just wondering a couple of things,
1- what’s the simplest way to harvest and cure?
2- I have some buds that have completely fallen upside down-is this bad or normal when they get heavy?

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I’d leave it for another week, and best way to harvest that depends how you would wanna do it, you can pull and hang the entire plant with all the leaves and dry trim, commercial growers dry that way to save time when harvesting multiple plants, or you can cut the buds to size wet trim, than half to dry, me personally it depends on how many plants I have on the way I harvest.

That is natural for buds to hang over like so they will naturally do it from the weight of the buds, if possibly find something to support the plants weight for an extra week, if they get to heavy than they’ll snap, clear trichomes means not ready 50% trichomes you’ll get more of an uplifting high and 70-90% Amber you’ll get euphoric and couchlock affects

Being it’s a Northern Light it’s most Sativa , so let it get completely cloudy which can be a week or another 2-3 weeks , but you can try putting your lights closer to make it more intense , and switched to 10/14 to a longer dark period might help as well , but man they look good though , you did a great job and yeah support the buds that’s flopping over by supporting them . Now for curing , I trim my buds as soon as I cut it wet , it’s seems to be less work that way and hang in a cool dark closet or the grow tent with a small fan on for about 7-10 days until stem snaps , than I put in a brown bag for another day to get the remaining moisture out , than put in glass jars for another 10-14 days , burping the jar for about 10-20 minutes twice a day until bud give you that signature smell , than I let air dry another 3-5 days and back in mason jars , but I’m no expert is how I cure mines .


The mason jar is what i always learned to use lol

I’ve actually been on here a lot and have switched to 10/14 a long time ago thanks to your advice lol
I don’t put much on here but I read almost everything…
And thank you that curing schedule is awesome and just what I was looking for :slight_smile:


that’s debatable. :wink:

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@AgentJay what’s debatable the light schedule or me being no expert …lol ?

Your expertise. Just joking around…

I thought you was being silly my friend , but I’m really no expert lol , I remain teachable at all times ?

Hey yoshi
I have a question for you…
How does this look for being 5 days since flush?
Do you think I may have flushed to soon?
It’s on week 17 of flowering and it’s had a 10/14 light schedule for a while already

Okay week 17 ? But she don’t look stressed or anything , more less like she need more nutrients , but have you checked the trichomes yet with a jewels loupe yet , cause you want to cut it at the right time to hang it , which is 50-60% milky and 20-30% Amber if you can wait that long , but if not and you in a hurry , you can hang it at milky which is good , just not a 2-3 hour buzz , a more uplifting high . But she looks good , I’m not sure how you calendar that being 17 weeks in flower , when most sativa’s go about 10-14 weeks or longer I’m sure depending on other variables , but she looks good to me and if you flushing to harvest in the next 2 weeks , change your light schedule to 10/14 and just water her with ph water until your bottom fan leaves start turning yellowish from green color and that’s a sure sign the plant is starting to break down the chlorophyll that’s store in the stem and leaves which means it close to harvest , make sense ?


I’m sorry to inform you, but you have a bunch of “nanners” or those bright yellow banana looking late flower hermaphrodite male flowers showing up in your mostly female buds.

Certain excessive stressors can be the cause or contribute to a plant producing these hermaphrodite flowers. And I noticed your calyxes (or technically, more correctly, ‘calyces’ is the plural form of calyx), they are quite “foxtailed”.

Foxtails might be genetic and normal in some strains, but more often than not it is due to too much heat, or less likely but still possible – too much light, or often some of both.

How have temps and humidity conditions been in the tent, during lights on as well as lights off?


I’ve noticed those yellow banana looking things recently which is another reason I posted I was wondering what those were. They are only on that one cola, and that’s the main one. The temps has to be the reason why this is happening; I’ve been struggling with keeping them consistant and the weather is extremely bipolar making is super cold some nights and super hot some days… I did notice the fox railing also, I have no idea what to do about that… The temps have been okay for the last couple of days around 60-70 degrees but the weather is crazy and changes up so its a constant battle…

The humidity has stayed around 35-45% and night time it’s usually 45-50% the ph has been consistant at about 6.5

And also, I’ve seriously been in flowering with this plant since Decemeber 7… Idk what went wrong or why it’s taking so long lol

Nope it’s not on the main cola the nanners are everywhere now…