Indoor grow issue, looks like nutrient burn but they are not using nutrients

From a fellow grower: > * Strain: white Widow

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): fem
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): indoor
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): mix of perlite and happy frog soil
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: Run off I have not checked. I can after I water.
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): no added nutrients
  • Light type & schedule: LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant, 600W Grow Lamp Full Spectrum Plant Light Foldable LED Grow Light Bulb 144pcs LEDs with Red Blue Spectrum for Hydroponic Veg, Flower Succulents Garden Growing
    I currently had it on 24/7. Since problem I have turned it off and using T5 and regular light.

I am very far from an expert but I will pass along what my thoughts are as to whats going on…If your using happy frog and perlite mix although happy frog its more for seed starting and seedling stage. I would try getting you a bag of FFOF and transplant it into that than your FFOF will feed the plant…possibly root bound ?

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@AAA @QueenCityB @Skydiver thoughts ^^^^

Agree with @GreenFlex. I too would suggest that the pot is too small for the plant and that it is root bound and the proper root environment cannot be maintained in a pot that small.

I wouldn’t worry about much other than the pot size. Older leaves will yellow and die off as they are over time anyways.

Transplant it into a larger pot and it will probably be fine, though those bottom leaves won’t heal. I’d cut them off.


What size pot?
How long has she been in that pot?
How old is she?


I defer to @Skydiver on this one and on all purchases I make for my grow room…


Thank you so much for all your advice. The pot size is 1 gallon. What size do you recommend? I can order the other soil as well. Thank you so much. I did cut off the dead leaves, which makes it look better but still not great.

1 gallon is not too small for that size plant, but potting up to a 3 gallon will allow you to get some fresh soil in there and get her back on track.

If you use Ocean Forest, you might want to add a cup of perlite(do not use miracle-gro brand perlite, it has time released fertilizers in it).

Make sure you are not overwatering, that is the number one mistake new growers make. You can dig your finger into the soil to get a feel for the moisture level. Also picking up the pot and judging its weight after watering and just before watering can give you and idea of how moist the soil is.

Good luck!

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Sorry. Soil is Perlite, FoxFarms Soil and Fertilizer- (ocean forest) is that the one you recommend? @Skydiver @ILGM.Support @AAA
Thank you all for your help. Should I go to. 5gallon pot?

@AAA Thank you so much! I am going to repot into a 3 gal. My Perlite brand is Schultz. Really appreciate your time. Stay safe.

@AAA Sorry. One more question… since I will be planting some more soon, what brand Perlite do you recommend?

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I actually switched to rice hulls and lava rock. They don’t migrate to the surface like perlite and the hulls provide Silica to the plant.

Check out build a soil dot com for rice hulls and regular old red lava rock from your garden center.

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Hey Guys!

I was attracted to this because as a new grower and first grow I have what I think is a similar Issue. Mine seems to be way worse tho!

White Widow Auto Crop King Seeds

Thought that it may be due to heat stress and from the light being to close to plants ( which I raised a couple weeks ago). Not all the plants are this bad. I’m getting worried that I should harvest one because it has seemed to completely stop growing and up taking water. They are at week 9 for seed today.

Lights is KIND K5 XL1000 - Once they went into flower I set intensity to 100%

My apologies for adding to this thread but since I’m new I guess I can’t start my own yet.

Any help would be Immensely appreciated!

Thanks Guys!



I’m out of my league with this one.

My guess is a combination of calcium(brown spots) and magnesium(yellowing).

Let’s call in some wiser peeps:

@Budbrother @Skydiver @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32


That’s gotta be a ph issue
or leaf septoria

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Makes sense to me. Didn’t see ph/ppm info posted?

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Thanks for the ideas guys, Sorry I realized that I did leave out some info.

I am watering with ph between 6.0 and 6.5. The PH of the soil is measuring around 6.1-6.3

Not going to lie I did not do any PPM measurements for this grow… Newbie mistake for sure!

Its very interesting, they seem to still develop some decent size buds, probably not the full potential but not bad. Most of them by this point seem to be almost at a stop with growth. Debating on calling them and starting harvest process? Most Trichomes are half cloudy half clear.

I am at 10 weeks exactly from germination.

Again thanks for any/all help guys, very much appreciated!!!

Coco and dry amendments