White widow flower burn

Very new here. I’ve got white widow in 5th week of flower. It looks as if they are starting to burn. any help would be appreciated.

75 degrees
55% humidity
Water ph 6-6.5
5gallon clothe pots
3 Fox Farm nutes



MAXBLOOM 600W Dimmable LED Plant Grow Light,12-Band Full Spectrum COB Led Grow Lights with Dimmable Veg/Bloom Channels

I can’t see anything, to dark, am getting old :frowning: Maybe take a picture up closer in natural light and include the whole plant as well, that would help us out.

Hope these help. Kinda Scrogged back in there.

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what kind of soil are you in? 6.0 is good for coco, a little low for soil. Could be a lock out. When was the last time you used nutrients and how much?

Saturday I watered with half dose of fox farm trio. I’m growing in ocean Forest Fox farm. Then watered Yesterday with ph water only

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Have you measured your ppms in the run off? Also in FFOF I wouldnt go below 6.3 on the ph. 6.5 being the sweet spot. The ph has a tendency to drop out near the end of my grows with FFOF. Let me tag some more experienced growers. @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @AAA @blackthumbbetty

If my eyesight is correct, it’s the top leaves only? I know very little, but my hunch would be heat/light issue, maybe. I know this doesn’t help, I am learning :slight_smile:

No ppm on run off. This is my first grow. I’ve watched a video on it but that’s above me on this grow

Light is up as far as possible. I’d say 20” above.

Light is up as far as possible. I’d say 20” above. The brown is on the leafy part not the veins of the leaf. I tried to use half water and half nutes. Wonder if I just locked it out or a nute deficiency because I gave it half nutes too. I was thinking I was having too much run off. I tried cutting it in half.

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You’ll need to pick up a meter. Itll help you with the feeds and help you determine what’s going on with your lady.

The 2nd pic points to an acidic soil (low ph)
Both on the excess spectrum. I use ffof and the trio. I use it water/water/nutrients. Half dosage at most every 3rd watering

for sure you will want to get the ph of your soil up as stated above and i would almost bet that you have a manganese lockout due to the ph of your soil being too low. Try watering with 6.9 to even a 7.0 ph level in your water next watering and make sure you find some manganese to add to your water.

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I’d say your P and K was dropping. Phosphorus is needed for heat regulation to prevent things like burned leaves. Cal mag might be a good addition too.

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And as a reminder, those will always been on the damaged leaf. It won’t go away when the problem is fixed. Focus on the new growth for further info on how the plant is doing.
Get a ppm/tds meter also. Other than that your ladies look great

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Thanks for that info. I was hoping it went away. I watered and feed full nutes this morning. They don’t seem as dry. Lower leafs seem fine. Thanks again for all the ideas. Thought I had posted this last week. Sorry. I had to leave town for a week and had a friend feed one day, water one day, then nothing on next day. I came home last night and seems like leaves are drying to a crisp at the top of the white widow. Two AK 47s and a second white widow has some deficiency. I had only watered one round with half nutes and half water. Is this nute lockout or a deficiency. I ordered a ppm meter it’s not here yet. I also flushed each plant today with 2gallons of PHed water per 5gallon pot. Will this help?

Can you take a pic of the whole plant?