White widow flower burn

Do you have anything located on the right side of the tent? Appears to be happening in one location. Maybe even the right side only. Def happening in the pot closest to the front/right side. Very dark green leaf makes me lean towards a nitrogen excess or you have a lock out. Ph and ppm numbers yet?

No. Ppm meter is in the mail being shipped. Ph I’d 6.5

I have a WW, BG, and AK growing. My first grow. I gave them all the same feedings. Was using calmag for preventive maintenance, and the AK reacted to it with excess calcium. However the others didn’t. Am not pointing out your plants issue, just pointing out AK strain is more sensitive than others IMO.

Thanks Zee. The two plants doing worse, in my case, are the white widows. The other two are the AKs