White widow concerns

The fabric pots are 15 gallon, the soil is FF ocean forest,
the larger plants are ILGM white widow. Believe it or not the smallest plant you see is also white widow planted at the same time as the large ones. I did every thing short of mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep that thing alive and finally it started growing. The small AC Infinity lights you see were bought recently so I could back the 400 watt light away front the top of the larger plants and still give the smaller plants enough light.

  1. I added some FF grow big to to the plants and the really took off. That work so well that I decided to add some FF big bloom for variety. Does the yellow edges on a couple of the leaves indicate nutrient burn? If so, should I run a few gallons of water through the soil to flush some out?
  2. The larger plants are about 18" tall and are absolutely packed with leaves and I am not getting a lot of vertical growth. Is this normal with WW or should I be worried about it? I will post more questions on the other plants in a different thread so this post doesn’t end up with the same amount of words as War and Peace.

Defiantly a deficiency, a nute burn would turn the leaves brown. What are you feeding those things? I hope not just big bloom. You need high nitrogen at this stage my friend. PPM’s of soil will help a lot.


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Some plants grow big, some small, fat, skinny…
They’re like kids. All different shape and sizes.

One light makes it a little challenging when growing multiple plants. Some may be tall and some small, so the smaller one may suffer some.

Growing more than one plant per pot is not recommend because the plants will fight for food and cause trouble.

I’m not sure what your plans are for the 15 gal fab pots but, if your growing in a tent, 5 gal will grow just as big as a 15 due to height restrictions.

Also watering practices may not be consistent with larger pots. A lot of times, inconsistent water practice will lead to issues.

Problem could be a number of things.
FFOF should have enough nutes in it so you shouldn’t have to feed for the first six weeks maybe more with those large pots.

How does your runoff look?
Have you calibrated your pH meter lately?

Just some things to think about.
Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:




First of all thank you for your replies.

  1. To answer your question JayDawg I have only added Big Bloom one time and I think it might have been some sort of possession. I have now added some Grow Big (nitrogen) to pots and we shall see what happens.

  2. As far as the 15 gallon pots are concerned I read some where that 15 gallon pots are the best size. I also bought some seven gallon pots that I never opened. I’ll use those in the next grow. As far as the one plant per pot that was my plane but after the elongated stem scare I decided to plant some Jack H around the edges just in case all the White widow died. At least I would have something to grow. Of course it didn’t die and here I am…Watering practices?
    Thanks for the chart GreggT.
    I will keep a close eye on things and post more later…

Want more vertical growth? decrease intensity of light.

Flowering is triggered by hours of light a day not intensity is that correct? If so I shall give it a try…Thank You

Are your WW auto or photo? Light duration is the trigger with photo. Auto flower whenever their internal clock goes off.

If we are gunning for a 12 or 14 week grow, 3 gallon work great. Many use 5 gallon.

Photo, I figure I will drop the time per day of light to about 10 hours a day or should I make it less?

If you’re ready to flower drop the light to 12/12

What’s the reason with the drop so low?
Are you ready to flip the small ones as well or will you separate? I’m a little confused with the light times in relation to the leaf concern you expressed previously.

The truth is 10 just sounded like a good number. As far as separating I really have no way to do that unless I want to put some in the garage. But It can get mighty cold here in the winter. My thoughts are to trigger flowering all at the same time. This is my first indoor grow and my second over all. At this point on the indoor grow it seems like I am always chasing something. Whether it’s the leaves starting to yellow or just the soil, light and PH meters not being exactly where they need to be. There is a whole lot to learn about successfully growing marijuana and I am an infant. Hopefully the next grow will be more organized.