Indoor grow (autoflower Plants growing Slow)

Hello all,

I have a little dilemma with my indoor grow. I think they are growing super slow for day 39…

I have3 Cream and 2 Pineapple Express from Growerschoiceseeds

What do you think?

Here is what i done so far…

August 15: All 5 autos Sprouted. All I was doing was moisting the medium when dry

I allowed for 3 weeks to go by without any nutrients since the soil I got was suppose to keep the plants happy for up to 3 - 4 weeks.

Week 4 was 9/6 - 9/12

  • I decided to give half dose of nutes from Fox Farm only on 9/6 to see how they would respond (Most online research i did recommended to start with half dose to see how plants respond)

Week 5 9/13 - 9/19
I gave full dose of 1 week nutrients to the plant with the Fox farm Big bloom

Week 6 9/21 - 9/27

I have not gave any water or nutes yet since end of week 5. I fed on 9/18 nutes. (Today 9/22/2020 i still see the medium wet and somewhat feel it somewhat heavy) should I water today??

My typical growing environment seems to be good.

I get between 65%- 75% RH and 21- 27c

I have my grow light at about 24 inches High (Reccomended by King LED 600W)

Anything i could be doing wrong or i should do?

Any Help or Input is greatly appreciated ! :slight_smile:

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Ima be honest with you they look really good. Typically overwatering is a component with slow growth in autos. With no indication of that occurring I am wondering if they are getting enough light. You’re using a blurp light correct? I’d turn on your red spectrum and see how they do. Sadly some autos are just poop imo. While I’m getting better at working with em many of the ones I popped flowered in like 2 weeks and my last one yielded 50gs which was a record. I’d say put more light on em esp with the footprint your pots have. If it gets too intense it looks like you have space to move then out of the hotspot so…Dont give up just bump up your lights n see imo. Yeah def see the one in top right reaching? They want light.


Thank you for the advice! Even though i have my veg light on your saying to turn on my bloom light also?

Im kind of nervous to do that not going to lie lol.

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The blurps PAR ratings are not as high as they lead on to believe. A few years ago when I started I used viparspectra 600 (I still have a 300 tho its semi retired). I found the veg light works really well for seedlings and photoperiods but with autos you’re on a countdown so any lack of lighting will greatly influence your grow/yields. Worse case scenario you go full power and they say hey we dont like that…
Taco leaves/burns for ex will be indicative of light stress. At that point you can space em out away from the center of your light (the hot spot) or raise the lights but I doubt this will happen. In the casino the old saying was, scared money dont make money. And honestly if they get too much light you’ll be able to respond quickly. Try it and see. I mean you got plenty of space there. Just keep an eye on your temp too cuz that bloom light will bump you up and we also wanna avoid heat stress. Oh and my plants totally hated the red spectrum alone no matter how far the light was so I dont recommend that at all. I have yet to find a plant that’s responded well to red alone.

You got this


thank you for your Help I will give this a try!

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Yeah man keep us posted.

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Definitely lack of light related I find autos vegetated best under 700-900 ppfd and you need red spectrum for that

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Here is an update at day 51 for any one still watching :slight_smile:

Definitely a huge difference when i turned on the red spectrum light on as well.