In veg with 24/7 lights but leaves are asymmetrical, non auto

Long story short… my nutes, for the first week, were old/bad. Stunted growth so I’m vegging a touch longer to get up to size… noticed the leaves have began changing symmetry. Lights are on 24/7. Are they just saying they want to flower or are they actually changing over? They are not auto flowers for sure. If I clone a lower branch but the leaves are asymmetrical will the clone take awhile to revert and start veg growth again?

Do you have pics? A clone in veg doesn’t have to revert, it just needs to root and then will grow.

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guess you learned not to use old leftover nutes. been there, done that.
keep using new nutes and low dosages will help plant be healthy. push the plant too hard and it will exhibit unwanted growth.

New growth will eventually show expected symmetry .

Clones will exhibit the same genetic traits.

All plants will benefit from a dark period. During lights out your plants do most of their growing. Every living thing needs rest. I’m sure you wouldn’t perform your best at work if you were up 24/7 with no sleep… same for plants. You could run the lights at 20/4, 18/6, 16/8 for veg and then 12/12 for flower :v:

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They were stunted earl on. Recovered and grew as expected. They are at week 9 now and just recently started changing symmetry like they are changing to flowering without me changing the lights to 12/12. Is that normal? 2 different strains, both non auto.

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Yeah but my lights are on 24-7 and the branches changed to asymmetrical like I changed the lights but I didn’t. Now the branches I would clone have asymmetrical branching. So will a clone have to revert? Or is it still vegging?

They will show sexual maturity when old enough and ready to flower, but won’t go full flower unless they get 12 hours of dark per day. Not unless they are autos :v:

Here a good read
I don’t ever run more then 18 hours light on myself

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