Improve your yields they said

Improve your yields? Well yes, I sure would!

I went from FFOF to Super soil in my 3X3 and things couldn’t be more different.

I think I need a bigger boat!

I know I haven’t been around much, BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not still here.
I’ve been liquidating my physical items and junk I had laying around.
I’ll be moving to a different state that is super friendly to gun owners, leaves people alone
and my closest neighbor is not within eye sight. It’s a slow and grueling process but I’m getting
there. It will take me another 3-5 months to finish getting all my ducks in a row and finish my
transition from city kid to a mountain man.

Above you’ll see my recent grow with super soil and partner plants. I’ve been experimenting with
chia seeds as a partner plant to my cannabis due to what Dr. Bugby said about Mycos fungus
communicating between root systems. AND it’s been working FANTASTIC! Just take a look above. More to come.

Stay tuned folks. And I’ll return soon.
With respect,

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So whats this super soil we speak of and hows it fed?? Im in coco prior was ffof

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Good looking tent.

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So what exactly does the Chai seed do or help with

I started with promix high porosity, then added
Bat poo 2 cups
Seabird crap 2 cups
Chicken poop 2 cups
Worm castings 1 @ 5lb bag
Kelp meal 8 oz
Gypsum 4 oz
Bone meal 8 oz
Blood meal 4 oz
Iron Chelate 1 oz
Azomite 2 oz
Egg shell meal 3 oz
Pine needls 5 oz
Super Phosphate 2 oz (milled down to fine powder in a mortar and pestle)
And granulated mycorrhizal one 4 oz pack.

Mixed up evenly, then fed a double dose of Recharge by Real Growers (soil bacteria and fungus beneficial to plants, powdered Humic/Folic acid).

Thrown into a PLASTIC pot to retain the moisture. Then plant. Nothing else done until harvesting.
Seems to be working better than my last 3 grows.
Not a single burn mark or deficit visible.
I must be doing something right.

Oh and it’s organic :slight_smile:


When using Mycos, a well known botanist experimented and found that the fungus communicates
between root systems with different plants. It will signal from one plant to another how much nutrients are needed or required and the root systems will actually transfer those minerals from
plant to plant. Sounds nuts right? I thought so too. Then I said “what the hell, lets try it out. Chia seeds are pretty cheap”. I also thought about clover seeds but the chai seeds got here first.

Look the good doctor up for yourself. Dr. Bugby. I think he’s from Wisconsin, Minnesota or Michigan University. I forgot which exactly. He does a lot with photon efficacy too.


thanks for the tag philly, set to watching. your plants look great. i’ve used supersoil in all but one grow and love it. but i didn’t build my own, great job!

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I tagged the folks who followed and gave me good advice in the beginning.

Just a tag isn’t enough. I want to say Thank you.
Genuinely and sincerely because your advice in the beginning really helped me out.

And everyone else in the tag lineup deserves a personal thanks from me as well.


I thought about using chia seeds but went with clover. I’m gonna try them next year. Nice plants you got there


The clover should work just as well. As long as the fungus is connected via the root system, you should be good. I chose chia and clover because the roots stay somewhat shallow. I didn’t want it competing with the cannabis root structure. So long as those two systems are connected via the mycos you should be golden. However, Chia seeds can grow pretty tall. I snip them daily to keep them low.


The clover stays around 5in tall I haven’t had to clip them. In shaded areas it maybe 2in. There’s a lot of mycorrhizae in my soil and a lot of the same stuff you have in yours. You’ve given me some ideas for next year.


I am using black gold pro mix and it seems to be good all plants over 6ft. At $22 a bag. Does this have all the stuff I should need from start to finish? This is the first time growing in 20gal pots I usually grow in the ground and feed every 10 to 14 days outside grows also?

I don’t think there is a soil on the market hot enough for start to finish. Even if you mix your own dirt you’re still dealing with potential foliar feeding if you spot a deficiency.

I found an old hippy recipe and just ad-libed the Recharge amount and ingredient measurements based on my starting bale size.

Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with Promix types that have nutrients in it already.

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Yep…totally down for this…this is truly organic at its finest…kudos to you and your grow.

Can’t wait to see the difference in bud size using your mix…inspirational…you’re making it look easy. I will do similar soil with companions next year…less maintenance more yield? Fine by me too :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:


I’m interested in trying the super soil recipe as well. Maybe next year. Is that subcools recipe?

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This was from a journal of a hippy accused of accidentally setting his farm on fire in the late 80’s named ‘Tom Spitzenberg’ or ‘Lil Tommy Spitz’. Fire department and police showed up to find a barn full of cannabis burning. He took off and was caught 12 years later in Canada, because he burnt his newest barn grow down too.

It was half a recipe, I just added the bloodmeal, the Recharge and the critter poo then ran with it.

That other recipe you speak of, my grow is too small to mix that much material and limited space.


Can you link me to more info on this? Thanks!!! And congrats on getting to a more 2A friendly state.

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It’s against board rules to post links, but if you go to the
U tubes, type in “Improve your cannabis yield Dr. Bugbee”.

It’s one of the top three videos that pop up. Also go check out
the Recharge web page. They have a similar example of root
mineral conveyance and fugus communication.



I wouldn’t follow my own example even if I was giving myself advice.

Take everything I say or do with criticism. I’m still a noob with only 4 full grow cycles under my belt with even less experience with different strains.

Gorilla Glue
Blue Dream &
Grand Daddy Purple (all from ILGM)
and a street rags seeds grown to harvest.

I’m just doing what works best for my personal situation. I chose to go this route because I’m not going to be able to check my plants on a daily basis. I’m in the process of selling everything I own and moving out of state 6 & 1/2 hours away.

Had I not decided to leave I might still be in FFOF or FFSF.

Before mirroring ANYTHING I do wait until the final bud has been plucked and tasted. That’s when I’ll know if my little experiment was successful. I dont want people ruining a crop because of something I posted or stated.

Remember to stand WAAAAY back because I built this sh!t myself! Things might get spicey!