Improve your yields they said

Well it looks like it’s working for you so far. Where ya moving to


I don’t want to be too obvious but John Denver sang about going home on a country road.


Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river

I’m tired. Sick and tired.

Tired to not being able to walk my dog without worrying about getting a used drug needles stuck in my dogs paw.
Tired of people pissing and sh$tting on the sidewalk, stepping over human waste is stomach turning.
Tired of sleeping with a loaded gun under my pillow, keeping one next to my door and a loaded piece IN MY BREAD BOX for safety.
Gun shots over parking spaces, gun shots over arguments AND gun fire during celebrations.
Tired of the dirty streets, the violence and regular everyday folks getting robbed at gun point while the police do ABSOLUTLY NOTHING. I’ve been here in the city for all but 10 years of my nearly half century of existence and at this point, I say “I’m OUT”.

I will make it private in 48 hours.
search Utubes for this exact title.
Title: “KEYHOLEILGM Reason I’m leaving”

and yes, that’s daylight open air heroin and crack use. Hookers and junkies hanging out in plain view of the police without a hint of recourse.


I hear you man I left Los Angeles for the same reasons Moved to Prescott Az in 2006 I haven’t had to lock my doors I leave the keys in my work van and haven’t locked it since I’ve owned it. We go on vacation for weeks at a time and leave the house unlocked and the gate open.


It’s legal here to carry a concealed weapon loaded without a permit
nobody knows who’s carrying and who’s not so nobody messes with anybody. Lots of people open carry too. I haven’t heard a random gunshot in 15 year


You shouldn’t type out the f word @Covertgrower will come to your thread and tell you how he’s just doing his job and send you snide remarks after silencing you…and then he will tell you to flag people for just speaking freely in order to follow forum guidelines…”be warned”….cause I’m on thin ice this message will get me banned :v:t2::rofl:

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I did my do diligence in researching where I was moving too. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to wear my cowboy holster carrying my 1851 navy colt (not original, obviously I’m not a millionaire) and my Pale Rider set.

I learned one thing during the last 18 months.
People were never meant to live stacked on top of each other in concert boxes on asphalt streets that smell like rotting garbage, spoiled milk and putrid organic matter.

I want a garden to eat from, I want my pets to play in the grass, I want to build something to leave behind and be safe while doing it. That’s not remotely possible in any urban area anywhere in this country. Especially with the political divide.

So instead of leaving my fate to the ages, I kicked fate in the nads and I’m leaving for a better life.


He’s not lying. I got the finger wave and a warning too when I dropped my first accidental “F” bomb. Just throw in some special characters in place of vowels to be safe and family friendly.

I want to apologize.
I never realized there was a waiting period
after uploading.

The video is live now.

I was using voice to text and said what I was thinking and forgot to edit it. It was said in a mean way or with any malice. I’ll take my punishment like a man and try to never ever, never ever do it again. LOL


Sorry tried to edit “it wasn’t said in a mean way” but I waited too long and it won’t let me edit it.


You guys do know you can link YouTube videos right? Does anyone actually read how the rules work?

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As a general rule, I don’t post links. It makes it easy to NOT forget what is allowed and not.

But seriously, I appreciate your post. Genuinely.
I get into too much trouble normally so I tend to
tred lightly.

No f bombs. @plumbdand

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sorry to hear about your “city” experiences. i live in a town of 10k people and love it, but it’s crap for live music. ma was an english teacher and she said those who use profanity are too lazy to communicate properly, but fck her lol. small town living is great, but it is really hard to get folks to accept you. most have known each other’s families for generations and it can be hard to be accepted. you can move to a town and still be an outsider for 15 years or more lol.


That’s cool with me. I’m happy to be an outsider and people leaving me alone. I’ll just be as polite as possible, respectful and go on my way.

Besides, when I’m alone, I’m still in bad company.


I moved out of Detroilet (mispelled on purpose) in 75 to a small town in Missouri best thing I could have done. The kids didn’t like growing up here cuz of nothing exciting to do an have moved on. Last time I connected with friends from there they wished they would have moved with me.


Just checking in.
Things still going good.
I’m surprised that one plant took longer to flip to flower
and both of the GDP (Grand Daddy Purple) seeds came from
the same batch. As it goes, no two seeds are the same.

As far as harvest time, I’m completely lost. I forgot when they flipped so
I’ll just have to keep checking the trikes to catch them at their peeks.
25% amber is my sweet spot.


nice buttons!