I'm sure you've answered this but I haven't found it

Small plant was put under 12.12 to sex.
I want to reveg
Will just putting it outside get it to revert to veg?
I’m sorry, I’m sure this has been answered before.
Also, is it safe to check sex then reveg all the plants?

It depends on the light schedule outside in your area as to whether or not it will revert to veg.

It used to be thought that you shouldn’t stress a plant by returning it to a veg state after flower. But now it is a very popular way of increasing the number of tops on your plant, in this fashion it is referred to monster cropping.

I would say no. Outdoors photo periods are generally never longer than 14 hours of light, so IMO, the p[lant would continue to flower. Peace

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Ok Latewood, that is very interesting to me.
I’ve read that flowering (not necessarily credible sources) could start &10 hrs dark. A)Does that sound plausible?

One could use the extra 4hrs for further photosynthesis, and presumably cut a week or so out of flowering.

B) i infer I can force flowering then put outside (which never exceeds 14hrs light) and have them flower until maturity. Does that sound right?

(I’m greatful for your expertise and a being able to have a version of conversation here)

It depends on the strain, and yes many will start to flower with just barely more than, or right about 10 hours of solid uninterrupted darkness. The amount of light you get outdoors has a lot to do with your latitude as well as your season.

The more north you go, the more drastic the difference between the summer and winter lengths of the day, with winters being pretty much 6 months long of darkness at the north pole and summers 6 months of solid light, and the closer to the equator the opposite occurs and no matter the season, the day and nights are nearly 12/12 all year.

Check with local garden supply or you local farmer’s almanac resources for the light schedule for various seasons in your area.

I don’t grow outside, so some specifics in your questions I’m not going to touch. But I don’t think more light means finishing faster, ever. The plant determines its flowering process and regulates its hormones by the amount of light it gets. Some strains might seem to never want to actually finish if they are constantly getting 14 hours of light. In fact with some difficult to finish strains, significantly more than twelve hours of darkness is given to cut down on the flowering time until finished.

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I agree with Latewood can’t turn the sun off and on like a light switch Bring it in and go 18 6 or 24 0 only way I know of to reveg a plant


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Thank you for your time guys, I’m grateful for the information and expedient response. I will experiment and would report, but if it’s dependent on the strain, I suppose (due to my lack of knowledge of this plant’s genealogy) reporting back would Fruitless.
Keep up the great support!