Early outside blooming

I started some SSH inside and grew for 2 months then planted them outside around May 8, well they all started budding and I’m wondering if they’ll revert back to veg stage or will they just keep blooming. Reason I’m asking is because I’m now confused on how to fertilize them.

They should revert back to veg as the days get longer,

What do you want to do? Flower them or revert them? You can add some supplemental light to increase the day cycle but you may have too many outside influences to be able to successfully revert without a hermi. Probably too early to flower IMO. You might end up with some gender confusion lol.


Check out time and date .com to find out the hours of daylight in your area. Last year I kept my outside plants at 13/16 light schedule till may to simulate the sun light schedule in my area, hope this helps.

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You are not alone
I had 12 plants flower early despite my best efforts to keep em vegging
You may want to move them back inside under an 18/6 cycle till middle of june and then move them outside a few hours a day to harden them off for a few day and then keep em outside
Mine went too far in flower so finished em inside