I'm lazy so here is my "Grow Box "grow

I’ve been using this Grow Box for about 6 years now.
My lighting has been from CFL’s to blurpies to none blurple LEDs.
It is a simple just add water when the reservoir is low.
Come along and lets see what it will do.
The plant strain is: Buddha (all clones from a clone from previous grows)
If anyone wants a dissection of the box and how it works I could show that.
It has fertilizer built-in so I just have to add water (tap).


Always like to see people building their own stuff. Keep up the good work!


Intrested to know how it works


With all the different nutes that people use and the (to me) hassle to mix, check PH,check PPM run off, different plants in different pots that require different watering times. This is an easy to use method, it either has water in it or not :slight_smile: Ronco: set it and forget it. LOL
Now, I am in an area that has pretty good water coming into the house, so I do have that going for me.
Here is the box: it is 28X13 inch foot print.

Add water here:

These have a mat with fertilizer when you get them,and sold separate.

Fill with soil put plants in, water from top to wet all the soil. (careful reservoir doesn’t spill over ) Cut out mat for plants and put it down. Watering when young and flowering is about every 4-5 days. when plants are vegging it uses a lot more water as much as every 2 days.
I don’t grow them but these would probably be great for Auto’s.
Thanks for coming by!


dbrn32, Thanks for dropping in. I appreciate all the advice on lighting that you have given in your posts. Of course I had to try the 120v full spectrum “grow cob’s” for a cheap build light.
Their power ratings are correct for them but my PAR meter doesn’t like them.
I would say that at least 20% of that power consumption is just producing heat.
Good for vegging only I’d say.


Probably more than 20% going for heat, but is what it is. You will probably do fine using as veg ligjt

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A 1 week update. I tied them over a little more trying to make the most of the grow space.
I did a late into the ground outdoor grow of this plant and never had to top it as it was a bush anyway.

I plan on also using scrog netting on this grow. The original mothers on that indoor grow were bending stems and I had to tie them up so it makes sense.
After my original watering from the top, I let it sit for a couple days before adding water to the reservoir. I haven’t added water since.


I’m tagging along for the ride. Always looking to simplify life

Thanks for jumping in Bubblehead. I’ve watched @Hellraiser grow’s (amazing solo performance and more.) But was not going to put in the time or effort he did with Nute’s. He now uses Jacks so he made his life easier.
Stick around and see how this will end with adding nothing but water.
I’m doing weekly updates, unless something happens :slight_smile:
New weekly picture coming tomorrow. Although I did top several of the girls the other day. Stay safe, stay happy.


So here it is the 3rd week in the box. I had to top 2 more of them. They are starting to fill in a little. I still haven’t added water to the reservoir. Its about 1/2 full. Maybe this weekend they will need a refill. They will start taking the water up faster now that the secondary branches are growing out.


4th week and for the first time I need to add water today. The growbox shows a little deficiency on the right side leaves, but only water is going into the reservoir. A couple yrs ago I put a pump with an air stone into the reservoir. Since it took almost 4 weeks before adding water I probably should of done that again. Water usage will go up now so I’m on the fence with adding it now.
Plants are starting to take off, so some more pruning will need to take place.


Week 5 update. I hope everybody had a good Christmas and stayed safe.
Added water as the reservoir was at the 1/2 way point. I did put a pump and air stone setup in the reservoir. air pump runs 1 minute on 10 minutes off, using the same timer I use for my clone machine.
I neglected to give the size of my grow area in past posts. It is 42"x37"x8’. I won’t need the height, but the size works well for these grow boxes. You can see how the plants are spreading out . I’m hoping a 7-8 week veg time before flipping.


This is a updated version of the old style "earth boxes ".

Hi Ben-jam-in.
I think your right. I’ve been using this brands box since 2013.
When they do a sale its 3 for $99. I’ve built them out of plastic tubs before.
Growing in these is so much easier than individual pots. My mother plants are in 1 and 2 gal pots and its a pain to keep the different strains all happy. I have an afghan strain that is flowering on a 18 hr light schedule and it is a photo not auto.It shows nute burn on that strain when the Buddha , White gold, Mango, and THC bomb are all relatively happy with the same environment.

Yea your grow looks good. I like your thinking…
The earth pots my wife used in the 80-90’s for her tomatoes were big enough to have three plants in one box . It also had a 2" dia tube in one of the corner used to fill reserve.

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It was getting a little ugly under the canopy, and down there will not produce anything worthwhile so trimming was in order.

From above it looks good.

water level is still OK. I won’t need to add till the regular weekly photo shoot.


Here we are at week 6 by the growth it might be next week when I flip to flower

They should just be up in the net by next week.

In other news I found some clip in center supports on thingverse to make on my 3d printer for my 3X3 tent. There are files for different size poles (mine are 63mm)

just add 3/4 pvc and clip them in… Too cool.


Opps I said 63mm pole… Not! LOL its a 16MM pole (16.3mm showing on the calipers) in this tent. BTW the cool part is these snap on and the 3/4 PVC clips in also, no fasteners required

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Those are awesome! Where did you find them?

Just ordered Gorilla lite supports for 4x4 to cut down to 3x3 for my tent. Neighbor has a printer, would be great to have him print out a set for a second row. Got a link to the file? I’m 3D print incompetent and wouldn’t know where to start on thingsverse, Thanx.