320 xl in a 2x4

I was running a 200w Mars light (made nice buds) and went to a 440w w/ Samsung 301B.
It is a whole different grow. I have a PAR meter so I try to keep the 440 set to the lower end of good buds.( I think I’m at 529 on the meter)
When I said “whole different” , I mean I was not prepared for the way the plants used nute’s. It seems they are deficient after that light went in at flower. At least I won’t have to trim as much…
Pic’s are in my grow journal here. I'm lazy so here is my "Grow Box "grow
I’ve been using this method for 7 yrs. But the new led’s got me. You only have 5 ft height I’d put the light as high as you can and then adjust power settings.
Post your grow so we can keep up.

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