Im going to make my own self watering grow bags

Hey guys ive been doing some creative stoner thinking and ive decided to make my own self watering grow bags i sort of know how im going to do it ,im currently waiting on some wicking cord to come in the mail .So what im going to try is ive got some five gallon fabric pots and three gallon fabric pots so i will be putting the cord through the bottom of the pot in two spots one either side of the pot now once i have the cord in the pot i will fill the bottom of the pot with coco then i will coil the cord around the bottom then i will put more coco coir on top until half way mark then i will get the other cord and i will coil that around the pot then i will fill the pot up with coco coir now when i put the pot on a riser in a deep pan the cords will hang down into the pan so i just have to fill up the pan with water and the cord should wick the water all the way up to the top which means i wont have to top water my plants ,once i have one made up i will show yous how i have it and i will test it out with vegetables before i try it with a cannabis plant .so tell me what yous all think of what im going to do


sounds cool to me, i would like to see pics of it

As soon as i have the cord i will be making one to try to see if its going to work properly i really hope it does ,yah so i will take pics of it as im making it and when its done


I’m tuned in if you don’t mind. Sounds like very interesting design


Yah join in if u want you to ,if i can find away to do it and do it well where it keeps the coco coir damp and the plant doesnt die that would be great ,and hopefully i will be able to show yous how to make them and it will only cost you around $20 and thats for you to go buy the wicking cord ur going to need and a fabric pot and ur soil .if this works it will be a very cheap way to grow plants and have less stress about watering ur plants




:clap::clap::clap::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: heck yeah build on my friend

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Hahahahahaha i see ive peaked ur interest. What can i say the stoned mad scientist is coming out of me


Ok guys i should have my wicking cord this week hopefully as soon as i have it i will take pics as i make it and when its finished now once i make it i will show yous all the pot with a plant in it and then i will wait a month then i will take pics again to show yous how the plant is going im hoping this works the way i want it to do .So stay tuned in for more fun thinking and building weird and wonderful things


Sounds interesting, I’m curious to see how it turns out.

Good luck!


I just ordered something on that same principle from ACInfinity.

Should arrive this week. I’m gone a lot so this should hep.

I’m a redneck MacGyver over here and thinking if you tie 5 strains of wicking string together and then lead it to a main up take area. It would feed flawless… Put the knot at the bottom of the pot and leave a leader string to feed the spaced out strings. Not trying to step on toe’s just very interesting design I want to help with.

I made my mom one for her tomato plant this year, i think it did ok, i just used cut up t-shirt for my wicking. 2 long strip. Making a cross coming up to the top of the bucket