I'm a newbie! Please help me!

You’re so welcome! I hope it explains it better then I can! Please continue posting pictures, just tag me!

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This is our zkittles, 26 days old today…
pH run off today was 6.4… ppm 150

Run in was pH 6.1 ppm 450 but today 600 increased nutes…

This plant has some more yellow tips is this the process or something off??

This is our big buds auto, 18 days old today…
Run off pH was 6.5 ppm was 950

Run in was pH 6 ppm 300…

Plant looks fine to me but numbers are just crazy…

I started nutes early with this as that’s what I was reading to give nutes early in coco…

Should I give it pH water for few days? Or more fertigation frequency?

@Autos-only @OGIncognito @Highwayman420


Shazam Growmie looks like your actually breathing regularly now. We get stressed trying to do them right. But they’re watching us all the time messing with our minds and thoughts. All in all everything is looking great. Im in soil so ill keep out of your ph questions

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For this plant I would be feeding daily at 1000 PPMs and a PH of 5.8-6.0 with liberal run off each time.

This plant seems to be in the seedling stage and I would feed at 800 PPMs at 5.8 with about 4 ounces a day. Circle the plant when feeding about 4” away from the stem to promote those roots to stretch out. Feed to run off around week 2 of veg at full strength (1000 PPMs) how long has this plant been above ground? :love_you_gesture:


This is all new to me, ive grown a few plants outside, once in ny in 5 gallon buckets in old manure mixture, turn out great, and now in florida just in my back yard using only miricle grow sticks…this plant is doin ok i think…didnt get real tall or alot of branches, but has major top buds…dont know when to pull it living in florida…


@Bunger64 thank you boss, you have been a great support throughout the ongoing journey… :beers:

@OGIncognito bro it’s been 18 days I’m using the chart I’m attaching below not sure if that’s good…

@Dragonmike it’s all new for me too brother :sweat_smile:


What nutrient line are you using? I’ve basically tried all the different PPM levels and with Jacks 321 and Coco 800-1000 start to finish have worked well. Less info I have to remember :joy::joy::love_you_gesture:


Brother I’m using general hydroponics… micro grow bloom… cal mag .5ml/litre… i use cal mag every 3rd serving…


Right on, that’s a reputable brand :love_you_gesture:

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I would continue feeding at higher ec until runoff is slightly higher than feed. Bump your ph down to 5.8-5.9


@Autos-only things look far better now…
Run off ppm 120… i put in 135 in the little one…

But pH comes out to be 7… what all I read they say ppm is of utter importance and ph in coco might rise… should I go with it?

And bro I’ll keep posting pictures… i don’t know how to figure out when flowering will start… charts say plain water for a week before flowering…
I’ll keep uploading pictures in every 2 days…

Plus in your knowledge how long you think this zkittles would take?


I would never feed plain water in coco? Maybe as a flush only but if your runoff ppm is acceptable you have no need to flush.

PH will fluctuate as the plants use nutrients, it changes the balance, that’s why we water to runoff to bring that balance back and remove waste.


Think of it this way, coco is the water reservoir. As the plant uses water and nutrients the ratios change. The PH will change along with the concentration of the fertilizer. It’s your job to water to runoff to get the old out and new in which is balanced at the correct PH and concentration.


I got your point bro…
I’m following this chart… it says to feed plain water in pre flowering stage!!
What do you recommend? @Autos-only


I would make sure that feeding chart is for coco? I would probably feed 1ml 1.5ml 1ml in my opinion. Maybe @OGIncognito has a recommendation.


Thanks for the tag Grow Bro. @LunaticYowie I’ve never seen a nutrient schedule that had a water only recommendation :love_you_gesture:

:point_up_2: I agree with Autos-only on this


So bro should I follow this throughout??

@FUKAZ28 either im stoned or what ,but when i look at the outline of the greenest part of the facing right ; I swear it kinda resembles the pitline of a womans face…im probably just stoned…lmao

Coco coir has coconut husk in it

Oh shit, i never seen that myself. LMAO.
It does look just like a womans face side pfofile.

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