I'm a newbie! Please help me!

Hello everyone! Its really nice to see how helpful this community is! :slight_smile:
I’m doing my first grow… I have ordered auto flowering seeds, mars hydro grow tent 272763, T600 mars hydro light, 6inch duct fan with thermostat control, 6 inch CO2 filter all mars hydro…
For nutrients flora micro bloom gro… ph up down GH…
Pot is fabric and using Coco peat and perlite…
Ph meter and ppm meter…

Is there anything else I should purchase?
How many autos should I grow in this tent?
Is it okay to have grow tent air exhaust in my room or is it harmful?
Would it be fine to have a grow tent in your sleeping room?
Would the duct fan good enough for keeping the temperature at mark? I stay over 30 celcius temp.
I have around 20 days to get everything delivered and sort things out…

Will post everything with pictures once I start getting this delivered. TIA!


Nope everything looks good, yes you can vent into your room.

I would start one auto to get your feet wet and enjoy it.

I wouldn’t mix coco and peat. Just coco and perlite.

There is a website I think called cocoforcannabis you would probably enjoy and learn a lot from.

VERY important note, coco and soil are very different and they cannot be treated the same, make sure the information you read online and apply to your grow is for coco.

In my opinion, coco is very easy to grow in, and probably my favorite type of medium.


You only have enough light for one plant


Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

I was searching for Coco coir but couldn’t find my country! I’ll search for it again!!

Thanks for the site… Yess boss I’m only getting info on Coco only…

Should I go with forbidden Runtz auto for my first plant?


Thanks bro!

At 27x27, you want to give all that room to one plant, two if you do no training. You will be fighting humidity as soon as she starts to leaf up though. Lots of air flow.


Ideally even I thought of growing two with same cycle and height…
But I have zero skills… I have never grown anything…

Yes I forgot to mention 6inch oscilating fan 2 speed mode… would that do the work?


I don’t generally recommend autos to beginners, they will flower on their own time if you’re ready or not. Making mistakes with autos greatly impacts end results and even many experienced growers can’t get full potential out of autos.

2 6inch fans will definitely be a plus.


For this time I’ll have to go with autos…
But I’ll keep this in mind for next time…
I’ll bug you guys if there is any BT. :grinning:


No worries, I’m sure you will do well and we are all here for you, just tag me @Autos-only if you have any questions.


^^^^^^^ @Autos-only knows autos.


Thank you so much my man!! :heart:


My experience is stay away from all forms of peat.


Peat is very acidic and needs good buffers to maintain that ph, as the buffers lose their effectiveness ph becomes a problem.


Coco husk?

I’m not sure what you’re asking? If you’re asking if I was talking about coco, no.

Coco is an inert soiless medium with a ph of around neutral.


Bro the Coco I ordered is cocopeat that’s what I am getting in my country…

I don’t have any Coco coir here I have coco husk other option which I just found…

And what size pot should I get we are growing one…


Interesting… I don’t know… I would assume the nutrient lines in your country would be based off of that mixture but I don’t know… I don’t know anything about growing outside them if the the 50 states.

Coco husk i don’t believe is what you’re looking for. That’s really corse material.


Nutrients are imported too general hydroponics the one I mentioned above that shouldn’t be an issue…

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Coco peat and coco coir are both made from the same material, which is the fibrous outer husk of a coconut. Coco peat (or pith) is used to mention the product with fine, powdery texture, while coco coir (or coco fiber) is used to name the product with a coarser and more fiber-like structure.

Coco-coir is what most use, it offers better drainage and root stability.
Coco peat holds way more water and dosen’t offer as much root support and can compact causing roots to rot or simply not grow.

Coco peat can be used but it should be mixed with plenty of drainage material like perlite, expanded clay pebbles, or many other options nowadays…