I'm a lost newbie and need an opinion

I think this is light burn.
Notice the 2 viparspectra lights.
Plants on the right are burned.
Plant on the left is Happy.

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What kind of light is that on the right? And how far from canopy is it?

Couple of things…

First, the plant on the right is not LIGHT burned. The light maybe ‘causing’ the burn, but not from too much intensity/heat. I saw it isnt light burn, because its happening to lower leaves and the top buds are unaffected. Light burn effects the closest point to the light first.

1A.? The ‘burn’ that u are seeing are older/current deficiencies/toxicity. The curly tips scream too much Nitrogen. What are you supplementing? Some of the ‘fried’ looking leaves are older N tox, and majority look to be older Magnesium Deficiency. Where you see yellow boxes inside the leaf’s ‘veins’ that is Mg Deficiency. As it spreads, it sucks what it needs from the leaves and they shrivel up. I also think I see a slight P or K deficiency in there, but its minor and maybe just too much N.

Secondly, the right lights are indirectly causing this because they are more intense. More intense lighting requires heavier nutrition loaded supplements due to the increased photosynthesizing.

This is the plant on the left (under the vspar) but these branches are receiving light from both lights. Thus the leaf was photosynthesizing heavier then the rest of the plant.


You are good !
Initially I thought nute burn.
Guess I got confused and wondered about the lower leaves being damaged.
Light on left is

VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light,with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Light on the right is

VIPARSPECTRA Newest Pro Series P2500 LED Grow Light

Plants are ILGM Maui Wowie.Week 4 Flowering.
Dirt is Fox Farm Ocean Forrest
Nute is FF Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom
I was using FF Feeding guide, thought it was too hot.
They have had water only for about a week. I’m going back to a 50% reduced nute and water.
I hope I make sense.

Lights are 20 inches above the canopy. Light on the right VS 2500 is at 75%

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This should fix her up.

Id check those runoff numbers or at least semi flush once before starting up again, she could still be sitting in a ton of unused Nitrogen.


I’m not the best at texting and such.
It’s my 1st time with good seeds from ILGM and LED lights.
Life is an experiment.
Thanks Again. Did I post correctly ?


Yup u dod just fine my guy. Just fine indeed


What %is ur light on u may have to turn it down abit or lift ur light if u can

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It was on 100% for a month but now it’s on 75%
I have a lot to learn about light.

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Yah its all about learning just when u think u have down packed something changes and u have to learn once more but its fun i think but u will geet it right in the end be patient