Identifying what’s wrong with my roots & leaves DWC

Hello all. I am a first time grower and I have decided to go with DWC as my first grow. I am using a small closet space & growing 3 plants . 2 indica BLACk DOMINIA & 1 Cheese. I have set my PH at 5.8 and my temps at 68-75 degrees I just recently switched my day time and night time hours. I am using 15 day time and 9 nighttime. With water temps in the 70s. I am also using frozen water bottles to keep my reservoir cool. Nighttime temp as low as 66 degrees. When I started germinating I placed the seeds in a zip lock and then straight into the hydroton. They grew perfect until on my first week I decided to use NUTS (MILLS LIGHT FEED) by second week I stopped because I didn’t think they needed it and one of my plants started getting a crust yellow leaf. By the end of the second week they grew and roots were clear. So I decided to go into third week of seedling and As I put the second round of nuts by the next day I got root rot! Which then I treates that week with just H020. I wasn’t aware of flushing the nuts and water so I replenished with just H020 after 2 days I dumped all the bad washed my roots and put in new nuts with the H020 which everything worked fine the plants grew new roots came in they had new green leafs. 4 th week came around which is now VEG with a new nut change . I was recommended hydroguard after I bounced back to protect my plants. I included that with my new nut change ! By the next morning I had brown spots on my roots near the net pot and under water! All my new roots are getting brown idk if it’s color because of my nutrients or root rot ? That problem was even before as well when treated it for the first time my roots stayed stained… if that means anything … I now see my plants leaves turning yellow from the edges and my Sativa is having black spots on the leaves. Please help I have constantly gone to research but I can’t distinguish what is possibly going on with them.

If it doesn’t smell, then it’s probably not root rot. Based on your description of water temps, they should be good.
What nutrient line are you using?

It doesn’t smell it actually did smell on the first root rot. Now it smells like the nuts but the roots are getting dark brown and I’ve been washing them off. I am using MILLS

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Roots look stained, but they don’t look bad. Does MILLS nutrients have calcium somewhere in the list of ingredients? Likely you’ll need extra.

Yes on Basis A nuts 4.5% !
Is that why my leaves are getting yellow … but deficiency?

Possibly, I would bump your nitrogen intake up a bit as well. What light do you have them under?

So up my calcium and
Add more nitrogen… how much would you recommend and what nutrient line?
I have them under 2(315w)
40 inches from plant

I’m using Jacks 321 recipe. I recommend them for any grow, medium or non medium. It’s pretty easy. Just ph accordingly to the medium. (Or hydro)

Jacks has calcium in the schedule. I add it every time.

Awesome I’ll give it try and see if that will help my plants.

Also what tips do you have for ppm? If my plants are lowering from the ppm of the time I put in new nuts does that mean I have to replenish with more nuts ?

Some do it either of those ways. Some change the reservoir after that.
I would add more of the ppm that you want, until the system reaches desired amount.

Ppm varies on each nutrient schedule, and manufacturer.
Between 500-800 ppm would be acceptable for this that age. 800 being a little high, but you have a good light, and they’ll eat more.

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