I was wandering 2 more things about Afghan

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I was wandering 2 more things about Afghan before I made a decision on growing it using your seed. #1 is at 2 feet tall? #2 is how much indoor space to produce this amount for example do I need more than 3x3 feet or a square yard? Or will that space be sufficient?

Some times they can surprise you and get bigger
Being indoor you have much more control on how tall they get before you flower them
A 3x3 area is good for a one plant grow
We have a member here @MattyBear who has a very nice 2x2 Maui Wowie plant going and she is gorgeous
He is using a technique called SCROG in which you train the plant to stay low and spread the branches out horizontally to get an even canopy
This technique is great for indoor growers trying to maximize limited space
Also I suggest joining us here on the forum as there is alot of information and just a great community of people here ready and willing to help out in any way they can


Thanks for the tag @Growit and here is my Scrog he was referring to in my 2x2 tent. Come join the forum and get help from a lot of good growers :v:

I also have a 3x3 tent and an outdoor grow too :wink: