I wanted to see if I can grow some bud to replace some/many of my meds,

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I wanted to see if I can grow some bud to replace some/many of my meds, currently on morphine, Percocet, lorazepam, lyrica, metformin, rampril, zopiclone, Lipitor, mirtazapine, serc and a few others daily. I suffer from Meneries disease, chronic pain, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, cognitive issues (Brain Fog), and a few side effect from the meds such as, nausea, dizziness, poor eating and sleeping. So my primary goal is to find or grow a replacement for many of the meds, but wth the inner ear disease Meneries I can’t use anything that will give me a head buzz so I was looking into Indica (think that’s how it’s spelled lol)

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When I see things like anxiety and depression, my first thought is it might be better trying CBD first as that can help with pain, as I know, and is also proven to be an aid to controlling diabetes, plus it can have the calming effects of the likes of your Lorazepam.

I worry about potential psychological effects of THC on you as you already, clearly, have some issues there and THC may exacerbate them.

So maybe best try either CBD oil or a strain high in CBD, just to be on the safe side.

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Great advice. Check into high CBD strains and oils. High THC would definitely make ur problems worse. Good luck

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Hello there! I will try to be succint! My profession is Anesthesia Doctor… so you have multiple sufferings and a lots of killing pain meds. From my professional point of view I suggest if you want to smoke marijuanna you sure you dont want to roll a joint with it and smoke it, no! No way! You can go hipertensive! Marijuanna can not ease your pain as much as morphine does, so if you take morphine weed can not help you ease your pain buuuuuuut… for your lack of appetite, depression, insomnia and nauseas it may help you… definetly only CBD strains, do not abuse on THC because it is harmfull for your condition, I suggest not to use THc at all! You may try to lower you lorazepam pils when you use CBD strains. Do not use it in joints! Vapping might help (use pipes)…bongs, oil tinctures, tee, butter, brownies… do not mix it with tabbaco! And for sure… very small doses!

I few of your problems are from the meds themselves. I started growing a year ago to get away from opiates which were slowly killing me. To answer the question, you can grow strains for relief of a bunch of your symptoms. I don’t want the head buzz myself, so I make edibles like butter and oils. I get a body high from the edibles, but no head high.