I think I'm feeding wrong. Autoflowers/G.H

Been a great first year growing but still trying to improve. I honestly don’t know if I’m feeding my plants properly. I realized I’ve been using a base ratio the whole way through which isn’t even close to the actual chart and mid bloom I’m getting a ton of new growth that never catches up and just blocks airflow.
So I guess my question is should I be following the general hydroponics feeding chart?
Also curious if there are any good plastic pots for aeration? I like my fabric ones but they tend to absorb and hold onto a lot of nutrients.


I use GH Flora and this the is second grow I’ve used the full Monty instead of either just base nutes or Lucas Formula. And yes; you absolutely should be following a published grow schedule. You can do the whole job with Grow, Micro and Bloom but if you want to develop flavors and terpenes to their full potential, there are a number of supplements that you can add. I’m doing that now in a simple bucket hydro setup. Keep your TDS moderate and the plant will love it. I run mid veg at about 700 ppm and in late flower I might push 1,000 ppm.

I believe the fabric pots are the single best invention for media growing cannabis that’s ever been done. Doing your waterings to runoff, periodic flushes (especially with a flushing agent) all contribute to few waste salts.


Awesome, thank you. I think somewhere along the way I watched a video and copied their formula which was my first mistake. But if things go well maybe I’ll start trying the some of the extras.


Look up ‘Lucas Formula’. Lots of cannabis grown using that.


I guess I was using a modified version of that but looking it over I’m not sure if I don’t understand it or if its really as simple as it looks and its just the same strength the whole way through. Either way I might stick with the chart for now. Just seems more straight forward to me at least.

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Here’s the drain to waste schedule you should follow