General hydroponics?

I was wondering if anyone has a full general hydroponics nutrient schedule that they go by I can’t seem to find one for all 7 thanks!

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I’m starting nutrients this week. I ask the same question and was given this chart. I was told start on the low end.


Thanks my friend.
I was looking for when to use different nutrients of this line like rapid start ,armor si Kool bloom and Dimond nectar. I can’t find nothing :confused:

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I believe @Not2SureYet or @Nicky might have one. I know not sure does. He was a big gh guy at one time or another. I never used it long enough to really make a chart at all.

![Screenshot_20201130-144848_Docs|347x500](upload://oCCYmu2t2uJ@Not2SureYet K.jpeg)

This is what @Not2SureYet uses.

I haven’t used GH myself but I often just refer people to the website.
It depends on the type of feeding, drain to waste or whatever etc.

You could always call their support to help navigate their website. Depending on what you have.
7 parts of nutrients? Dang

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I have a crap load of stuff here. I have a gallon of each gh still maybe mixed 20 gals out of them lol. All kinda of additives. Its nuts. Some i barely use i dont even remember they r there til i do a bucket clean then like oh snap i have that. Humic and kelp are among them 2 lol. I have like 3 unipened bags of humic one is like 8 oz 2 are 2 oz bags

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That’s a lot of juice @Nicky what does the PPM come in at?

Asking because I’m a new grower .

Are those numbers for soil or coco?

Gotta put it together , every bottle has instructions , let me know

I don’t run GH so I don’t know, @Not2SureYet would have to tell you when he has a chance as I’m sure it’s in his notes.


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Thanks for the insight my brotha

Greatly appreciated :pray:

This is the chart I share with others. @Nicky has the one I use. The chart Nicky has there strips a lot of nitrogen out of the mi in flower. It just works good for me. So I never changed it. If you grow autos with GH. Be carefull as they don’t do well with heavy feeds. Photos have no issue. Over feeding an auto for just one week can really slow it down. I normally feed every one at 1/4 strength through week 3. The for week 4 till pre flower. I use 1/2 strength. !/2 with 1.25ml of both cal and armor si gets me in the 450ppm range. I use this for autos. I will use 3/4 for photos. it is rare I ever use full strength. I try to stay in the 650 - 700ppm range when in flower for both autos and photos.
I would consider this advise as Important Don’t think you should be feeding at crazy numbers ppm wise because you see others do it. Each nutrient brand will come out different. Jacks is used at 900ppm. That would be a killer with GH for my autos. Photos could deal with it in most cases.
Sorry to make this so long. You are much better under feeding than over feeding till you have a handle on what your plants like. This is just what I have found works best for me. I am in coco. So I can see what my plants are actually using every day :grin: I like GH because it is so easy to use., and hasn’t done me wrong yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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You need 10 part feeding chart. Has Si, Cal mag etc.

You don’t need everything but the Si, Cal mag and hydroguard are a must in my book. I fed the aggressive feed. :grin:

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Previously, I used this chart from them. New feed chart, with levels of feed aggression makes more sense and runs 13 weeks instead of twelve (all my grows run at least twelve).

I’m going with the new one will save me on nutes, even at full/aggressive feed. :grin: Oh and there is a full it in chart you can print too - customize

Note this is all hydro feed chats as that’s my method.

Or here