Nute feeding suggestions?

So these feminized babies are 10-13 days old transplated into current pots yesterday. Looking at using Dutch Nutrients GroA and GroB. Used in pure hydroponics previously but running a soilless promix HP and am looking for suggestions with these nutes and my timing for forst feed…? TIA

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I would just follow schedule. If your plants are green you could try starting at half recommended dose of drain to waste schedule and watch how plants respond, increasing or decreasing concentration from there.

Ya my thought was %25 initial feed as they are quite green

See how they respond and increase slowly to full amount

There’s likely a recommended ppm level for each week of feeding on the schedule. Check that vs what your solution measures and the standard suggestions for cannabis.

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Im sorry to intrude. But i have some nutrients that i got wirh a different set up they are from a company called green rx solutions. Anybody ever hear of them? Also they claim that i do not nedd to ph the water if using them. How could this be so? Also could someone guide me to a chart of what ranges of ppm for vegetative and flowering? Tysm in advance


@Blacksheep I am definitely no expert but I believe balancing your pH provides nutrients a better chance at dissolving and also allows plants to easily absorb feed. Not having to balance pH would be kinda nice…On a side note these dutch nutrients I have are no where near the potency I wish to work with in the future due to cost. Bottled nutes are also like +%90 water -%10 nutrients but I have been told by an educated outdoor farmer in Oregon that you can apply a 20-20-20 nutrient at 400ppm feed to your fully established clones and or seedlings and apply 3-4 times daily and prevent root bound. He keeps clones in deep 4 inch pots for maximum of two months and never gets root bound.

Never heard of them, but doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. Ph perfect technology exists, its its something in there that flip flops ions as needed. I’m not a chemist sorry, but if you know one he/she can probably explain it to you. What you need to know, is that these solutions are usually at least somewhat dependent on following schedule and using compatible components.

Go to the company’s web page. They have a schedule with recommendations on ppm levels.

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No feed yet still nice and green heading into week 3 from soil break

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Applied 1/4 reccomended strength feeding ys and waited for 5th jode to top and close e the cuttings. Looking strong and healthy