I’m shaking my head

Ok guys need some help, I have a 4x4 tent, I have a 1300 watt LED, I’ve got it on a timer for 20 on 4 off, these are white widow autos, they are 3 weeks old, a couple of the leaves have a bit of a curl to them, I water them once a day but they seem stunned and the stalks seem thin to me, ffof is the soil in 5 gallon pots… I do have a small fan going at all times, with the fan on the soil dries out so that is why I water daily… what am I doing wrong???

Looks way over watered to me, someone with more experience will be along shortly to either confirm my suspicions or hand me a dunce cap! Good luck


I was already typing that and the internet dropped off my phone. The soil looks really saturated.

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I had just watered them when I took pictures

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Way to much water to be honest. I looked and could barely see a dry ring right at the edge of the fabric.

Barely dry at the edge.

Should I water every other day??? I use a sprayer and just wet the soil, I used my meter and it barely reads any moisture

For me at that age, they don’t required a lot of water. I have 19 months under my belt for my technique. Trial and error. But I wouldn’t give more than 1 cup of water per feeding. Once much bigger, then you need to step it up.

Welcome plants that size I usually water about every 3 days. In a 6 inch circular pattern so the roots will spread out looking for moisture I usually do the sample finger check down about inches .

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I agree that the surrounding soil is too saturated. A few milliliters of water per day will be all they need when that young.

The wavy leaves are normal. Looks like a fairly healthy seedling.

I’ve read that this full spectrum led is not enough light, everyone recommends the HLG 260, is that what you’ll think?? I know this is my first indoor grow and like I said the stalks seem skinny compared to my outdoor plants

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I think your plant looks good it’s going to be fine just let the pot dry out a little bit before you water again. The HLG 260 kit you will need two of those lights to efficiently flower a 4 by 4 tent.

HLG 260xl rspec is what I use in my 4x4 tent now. I have two light kits up and your plants will thank you for it.

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Thanks guys I appreciate all your help

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I agree with everyone above, a little less love will do them good. That being said… I’ve had 2 rounds with ILGM White widow Fems (6 plants total) everyone of them had some form of leaf curl. Back off the water and you will be fine


Some oscillating fans that will cause a light breeze to the top of the canopy will help strengthen the stalk. You can use a wire to put a halo around it so it doesn’t fall over. Light breezy not hurricane winds.