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HI, I.m a Canadian living deep in southen mexico. I have been growing here 3 years now outdoors, and have had to learn or die, from bugs, heat, water, you name it. i love to grow has helped me along the way. However we all learn, The i love to grow information on the PH scale is not correct. ( the ph- or known as the power of hydrogen or the precence of hydrogen ) is not 1-14 as i love to Grow has it.!!! It is 0-14 and 7 being nutrual.
each increase up or down from seven is 10x stronger. But i love the site. love the pics.

My Secret: pH and Temperature…very important

can you share?

Sure i can. Just give me your data.

there’s big difference between indoor and outdoor.
Very important is…water quality. not just…water.
I was 2 times in Jamaica and saw freaking tree’s and the people there don’t use newts or bloom bosters :wink:
Try with guano, or organic tea. if you grow outdoor…your plant needs minerals…good quality watter has lot of minerals

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i have no problems with water here. some places yes. i always use the water ph 6.6+ never use bud chems, only honey ( dark honey and banna peel tea mixed together.) works great,. i have good nugs.

pH 6.6+ is high

It Maybe a little high. 6.0 would be better. the water here is 5.8 to 6.0 so i just leave it alone. i had tried playing with lower numbers before, and it didn,t seem to make any differance in the long run… do you know any natural clyoning material besides cinnamon? I want to try to clyone now?

sometimes i use Aloe Vera for cloning. it works fine
u can use willow water or charcoal to.