I just wanted to show you guys my first grow

Nothing majorly wrong here, just wanted to see how you guys think she’s looking. I have gone on TWO vacations (bad timing) since I started her- last vacation was this last friday-monday and I came back to a very sad/dead looking plant. To my surprise she bounced back! Very obvious damage from the slight drought (she’s dramatic) but she’s back! What are we thinking? Healthy? 2x4 GGT with 260xl hlg, ffof with fox farms nutes (given in half the dose recommended) as well as a 12in oscillating fan inside and an infinity outake on top. Growing feminized purple haze and this is officially my 2nd month in. (Started October 10).


Looks great. You’ve clearly done your homework. Use this thread as a journal and we’ll help you along the way to ensure you get the best harvests.

The only suggestion I have is a bit more light. With a 260XL you could simply add another HLG 135 Rspec panel and that would up your light intensity by 50%. You will get better node spacing and more full flowers by adding a little more light.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay.


Agree with @MidwestGuy. Some more light will make the plant bushier, thicker stems and fatter flowers.
But your plant is far better than my first. Good job.


I definitely underestimated the amount of light these guys need for sure! The more you know, thank you guys as always!


The more you know… Just making through your first grow is an accomplishment in itself. You’re getting there. Rule of thumb is minimum 30 watts of LED per square foot of your tent (technically canopy). I grow with a little over 40 watts sq ft and others use 50+.


Looking good, :arrow_up: great advice up there!!


I take it she she an auto.
The amount of spacing between the nodes can also mean the light was set a little high. Right now the light is a long distance from most of the plant. A little training to even out the canopy would help a lot.
I grew the photo version last year. Great plant


Just curious why only half strength? Do you water to runoff? If so, have you measured the TDS of the runoff?


To be honest I do not have a valid reason- when I was reading up on nutes I read that a lot of people were burning their leaves with the recommended dosages and some people recommended cutting the doses. I also have never measured the runoff and haven’t gotten anything to do so yet, so I was scared to add too much and not be able to save it initially. Should I always be measuring the runoff? I’ve been winging it to be honest


I have a trellis just wasn’t sure if it was necessary! This makes a lot of sense! She is an auto. I started with a 40 W burple light which was an awful idea.

Also I’ve tried to keep the light about a foot away from the top of the plant- it seemed so strong I was worried about it burning the leaves. Should I bring it down some or is a foot decent?

Awesome recommendation for awesome grow.
Congrats, waiting is the hardest part, now. More lights as rec, will BLAST those flowers into fatties.
Unsulfered molases may help, but watch run-off ph closely.

IR-Gun leaf temp. IDKS, but leaf temp needs be lower than air temp or your working the ladies into serious sweating. May be good or not.

YES. FEEDING is determined by run-off measuring (or not). Many feed till burned up, then back off.
Half feeding could increase to 3/4 feeding and remeasure weekly, my vote.
Gently “painted nails”, would, if present, be an indication your above needs. U-R-Not, I believe


AND PPM/TDS required,

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When I first started, I always measured my runoff. I don’t do it anymore unless I see a problem arising. After a while, you get the hang of your nutrient line. I do recommend watering until runoff with FF nutrients as they are notorious for building salts at the root zone and it kinda acts like mini flushes. I aim for about 20% runoff.

All you would need to do is find a tote larger than your bucket with some kind of riser (I use plant dollies like this:

After you measure the runoff, you can either dump the tray or wet-vac it out.

If TDS of runoff ever drops below 800, it is time to up the nutrients.


I just learned so much in this thread. Thank you all!!

So simple, so unique, I forgot my mini-shop vac would/could SAVE me from lifting the pots to drain excess. My hat off to you dear Caligurl. Thank you.

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I only come up with ideas like this because I am lazy hahahaha!

Someone once told me if you wanted to find the easiest way to do something, hire a lazy person LOL


Do you have your grow(s) journaled here somewhere? If not, you can make this your journal that way we can all follow along and not have to bug you by asking questions that the answers were already made in a another post.

I’ll tag a long starting right now :wink:

If your looking for more yeald look into a scrog net grow. I have same light and tent and have been getting 7+ /ozs off one plant consistently. Last grow was a stupid 18 ozs of quality buds.


Very nice @Audiofreak! Or you could throw them outdoors and forget all the lights and tents and get a stupid 11 pounds! I have NO idea what to do with it all LOL