I how to know when to switch to just water for last few weeks

I’ve read through lots of forums and I can’t seem to figure it out… i wasn’t planning on flushing my plants I actually haven’t once the entire time. 1 because they have been in perfect health . 2 because I’m new and neve knew you were suppose to. Anyway … at what point do I feed my plant just ph d water before harvest I would like to harvest when my Trichomes are mostly amber… so how would I tell before hand. What will they look like a few weeks before that I have no idea. I will post pictures of my plants when lights come back on. I know I still got a little time but I need to know before It is time so I know what to do


Imo isn’t that critical that is done at all, so the timing is even less critical. But if you want to run water only, wait until majority of pistils have started to turn.


I agree with dbrn32, I also think many people misunderstand what flushing does. Flushing is good to reset ph in soil or if you are having nutrient issues that need to be reset. Here’s a video to help understand how to finish up before harvest. You can fast forward to the 4 minute mark.

I only flush cause nutes cost $. Doesn’t make a lot of difference for your harvest.

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So what does he mean when he says 10 day flush…does that mean he gives only water on feeding days for the last ten days.

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@Newt so do you just give newts all the way up until the day of harvest

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No. I shoot for about 2 weeks out. And I only do it because it saves the money the newts cost.

@Newt ok … can u see in this picture how much time I have left this is also from the top bud


Not very good pics but honestly they used to be clear now they just look frosty idk I see no amber but it hard for me I can’t really tell with my loupe and the pics aren’t that good I know

Beautiful! She’s in the window!

Ok perfect that what I was thinking so im gonna be at 8 weeks in a few days since I flipped to 12-12 i was thinking I could start just water and harvest by about week 9 1/2 10 would that be about accurate from what u seem

I see plenty of amber for the way I like my buzz:

White widow all 3

Awesome thanks

Most welcome. Be proud, that is a beautiful bud!

You ought to post that bud pic over here so everyone can appreciate it:

This is my first one ever

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@Newt here is a few farther away pics! I am hoping for then to bulk up a bit more so another 2 weeks or so would be just fine am I right …20211112_190858|666x500


Yeah… I’d say you’re no more than 2 weeks out. Unless you want a ton of couch-lock. Simply beautiful grow. Well done!

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