Flushing my plants

I am on my 8th day of flushing my plants. I give them 5 gallons of water ph’d to 5.7 daily. Is this enough water to flush the nutrients out in a 14 day flush ? Also when should I start taking some fan leaves off ,wait till harvest or before?

I only do it for one day, with anywhere from 9-15 gallons of pHed water. I have a ppm meter and it always brings it down to an acceptable range after 9-15 gallons run through. I’m not sure why you’re flushing consecutively for 14 days?

Most of articles I’ve read said to flush your plants for 10 to 14 days to clear out nutrients.

I think what they mean is, flush your plants 10-14 days BEFORE you plan on harvesting. Not continuously for 10-14 days. But I’m waiting for @macgyverstoner or @latewood to confirm or deny haha

When they suggest flushing for the final 2 weeks before harvest you want to use your normal watering amount but plain pH’ed water. Don’t change your water schedule or amount, just don’t use Nutrients any longer :slightly_smiling:

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Good cause 5 gallons per day has been my normal watering.

Basically what @pigSquishy, @ktreez420 and @JTheH have stated is correct, the actual flush can be only actually one day – 10-14 days before harvest. The whole point of the flush is to make the plant use all the nutrients stored in its leaves and other tissues, so as it can’t get any more from the soil or growing medium. Depending on the plant, the growing media, how big the plant is, more plant=more storage of nutrients in the plant’s tissues, and so the flush basically should have already removed, or be removing most of the nutrients contained in the soil, and then only pure water with a proper pH is given to the plant when it needs water – for the approximate two weeks before harvest to try and accomplish this forcing of the plant to use up all its stored nutrients and not have really any left over by the time it gets cut down and harvested.



No stop flushing or your going to have even more proplems if yuu don’t already
what was the PH anyway ? You never say.


When flushing; We use 3 x’s the amount of the container of soil. So if you use a 3 gallon pot; You will need 9 gallons of ph’d 6.5 water to flush the 3 gallon pot.

Then; You allow it to almost dry out, just as you would in your regular feeding. After the 1st flsuh; Water with ph’d 6.5 water with normal runoff until harvest.

Thanks all this info helps and gives me an idea of what I need to

My ph is 5.7- 5.9 on feeding. Not having any issues except tips of leaves are getting yellow from lack of nutes and all trichome are cloudy with very few amber Only have 4 days till crop

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But why stop flushing ?

will let plant start to dry some before harvest and consume nitrogen and stored moisture nutrients in leaves roots and soil we didn’t suggest don’t water simply don’t feed and let it dry out some

Ok that’s what I’m doing is just giving ph’d water,and I plan on turning light off in 3 days and let them sit in dark for 24 hours before I cut

Hi, I did my 10 day flushing before harvest yesterday,I have Purple Kush growing. Questions…
Do I keep the girls on the 12/12 light schedule?
At any time during the next 10 days am I suppose to give them any water?
After the 10 days, do I throw them into darkeness for 3 days?

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Why don’t you read these articles,


I tried to find Robert’s opinion, but could not.

In reference to: My above post; My recommendation was for flushing a plant with toxicity issues in the medium. Flushing for end of finsih, anfd harvest si different. All I do for final flushing is water with ph’d water when I would normally water. I do not flush all salts, minerals, etc; Out of my medium.

Sorry for the misrepresentation.

will fix above post later to reflect both types, and reasons to flush

How did I miss this one? All flushing to finish is in principle is the simple act of no longer feeding for last 10 days or longer I find best is using simple ph’d rain water with a sweetener no nutrients. The idea is to get the plant to eat what’s left in soil and start to metabolize any left over N in fan leaves a good sign you are well flushed is fan leaves are pretty much falling off. The tricky part comes in timing it just right so not to lose any yield while still reducing stored nitrogen