Flushing hydroponic plants

Hi, Its time for me to flush the plants and as I have read I am using clean water. no nutrients. I also have a general hydroponics flushing agent, but not sure how to use. It says to use it on the final 2 days before cutting. If I am flushing the plants for 1 - 2 weeks should I use the flushing agent more often?

Not if you were planning on using water for a week or 2. Flush with water until 2 days before you cut. That should draw any lasting residue from the minerals stored by the plant.

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Sorry if I am a little confused by this since this is my first grow. Should I be flushing with just ph. balanced water for 2 weeks or less? Then should use the Flora Clean 2 days before Harvest? I don’t mean to be repetitive but I don’t want to lose the plants this close to harvest. Thanks for your help and advise, Smitty.

You cannot lose the plants by flushing. Read above again. After water flush it is up to you whether, or not, you use flora kleen. :slight_smile:

So to be clear for someone with learning issues.
Flushing = Nothing but Ph balanced water for 2 weeks before harvest. Correct?
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