I got the seeds and I can't keep them alive

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I got the seeds and I can’t keep them alive. Some of them germinated but they just die after I put them in soil. I’m really not good at this. I had the pineapple haze, strawberry kush, and blueberry. I did the distilled water cup to wet paper towel to transplant to cup in soil. They grow out of the soil sometimes and some do not come out of soil even with tail out and then after a week or two fall over and die. I try to support the stem with a toothpick but the baby does not recover and ends up drying up. It is so frustrating! I just want to pull my hair out. I use t12 fluorescent light once I transplant the seeded tail to soil. I keep the seedlings that sprouted in closed closet so the humidity is around 70-80 and temperature is a stable 75 F. My friend is an experienced grower and he said use the peat moss pellet and I took my last three seeds and tried that and they germinated in a dome with closed vents and grew more than before and I supported the stem with more soil before it would fall over. I thought I was in the clear and they were going to make it but then the supported stem got really thin near the base and it slowly died over the week. I almost lost my marbles when the last seedlings died. Used no nutrients just distilled water, no Co2, didn’t use humidifier(in Houston it is always humid). Barely even watered them at because I know you can easily drown them. The pellets hold plenty of water according to my experienced grower friend. I think if I keep them in the dome longer they might have lasted longer but I have not successfully grown from seed to adult. My grower friend (10 years growing. He is a master grower. The dankest weed I ever smelt he grew) said the seeds need to come from a reputable seed bank in order to get good strong seedlings. His philosophy is kill off anything that is weak or showing signs of weakness because not worth raising. He said there’s a lot of weak mother plants that should not have their seeds sold but he said its just money to those companies. Anyways let Me know what you think. Thanks for listening”

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Can “he” start a thread? I’m interested in his conspiracy theories!

On a serious note, don’t listen to “he”

Instead read the free tutorials on the site you bought the seeds from. That is a great place to start.

My advice is to join the forum after reading the guides but these nice folks will help you at any stage including this knight in shining armor @bob31

Seed from a seed bank with an established reputation for quality is a must. Another way to grow is clones. Can your grower friend supply you with a couple of them?

As for germination, you want to keep the seed warm and moist until it has a white tail. Then plant in moist soil, which should have a temperature of around 50-60 degrees. Plant with the tail down, and no more than 1/4 deep. I use a spray bottle to moisten the soil two or three times a day while waiting for them to get above ground. I also keep a 25watt grow bulb over them.

As for weak, limp stems the only time I’ve had that problem was heat. Either I left them in the sun too long or they were too close to a light. Moving them to a cool, dimly lit area and giving them frequent, small doses of water brought them back. I live in a very dry climate unlike yours, so maybe it’s too much humidity.

To support stems, use a short section of a drinking straw. Slit it open on one side and slip it over the weak stem and gently push the end of the straw into the soil. You can leave the straw on as the plant grows.

Anyway, just some random thoughts. I’d really try hard to get some clones as they might be better indicators of whether your setup is workable or if you just got some bad seed.

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